This Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Advert Has A Random Reference To Kingdom Hearts

A Taco Bell advert for the return of its Mexican Pizza has a random reference to Kingdom Hearts.

Recently, there's been a bit of a surge of Kingdom Hearts references throughout several forms of media. Surprisingly, most of them are coming from Disney itself, something that hasn't happened very often until 2022. The latest Kingdom Hearts reference has nothing to do with Disney, however, and is in fact from a new Taco Bell advert for its Mexican Pizza.

The advert appeared on the official Taco Bell Facebook page, but hasn't surfaced on its Twitter just yet. The advert shows shots of the Mexican Pizza while someone raps over the top of it about how their "posse pulled up" to get the pizza. One line of the advert goes, "Yeah don't forget the soda, we eating all our order, key to my heart like Sora", which is a clear reference to Kingdom Hearts' protagonist Sora and his iconic key-shaped weapon, the Kingdom Key.

Considering the rest of the rap and its lines are all about the pizza itself and what it's made up of, it's a very strange inclusion but one that definitely works for getting Kingdom Hearts nerds like myself thinking about Taco Bell.

Sadly, despite the genius of referencing Kingdom Hearts in something that has absolutely nothing to do with it, most of the comments aren't even acknowledging it and are instead begging Taco Bell to bring back the Taco Salad. One fan seems to have found their way to the advert, however, commenting, "kingdom hearts is canon in the Taco Bell kitchen universe". Hey, if Taco Bell finds its way into Kingdom Hearts 4, we'd play it.

This is certainly the weirdest Kingdom Hearts reference we've seen in some time, but it's certainly not the only one to have been made recently. Just last month, Sora's Kingdom Key could be spotted in the trailer for Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers.

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