This GameFAQs User Made Over 3,700 Maps With Microsoft Paint

The user on GameFAQs going by StarFighters76 has made more than 3,700 maps with Microsoft Paint. These depict locations in well over 300 games. StarFighters76 has apparently spent something like 20 years of their life on the project, working on a wide variety of different guides and walkthroughs which have helped a countless number of players.

The news comes from a recent interview with PC Gamer which dives into the details of how and why StarFighters76 has been so committed to their work on the website.

Starfighters76 began by discussing their process. "I actually use the old school Microsoft Paint — like from the early 2000s," the cartographer noted. "Microsoft Paint has been with me since day one and hasn't let me down yet, so I don't want to turn my back on it."

When it comes to which games they document, StarFighters76 noted how “the game itself has to catch my attention in some way for me to work on it. Whether it's the game itself or the particular layout of the game, there has got to be that special something that pulls me in."

"It's much more fun for me to map things out while exploring something new because I am always curious about what's around the corner to discover," StarFighters76 explained. "It gives me a chance to relive the fun I had with them, as well as appreciate those games for what they are."

The cartographer has mostly focused on older titles because there are “some really big, complex games out there. I would have to be mentally ready to take on huge projects like current gen games."

StarFighters76 has been uploading maps to GameFAQs for nearly as long as the website has been around. "GameFAQs was the first gaming site I went to when looking for help," they said. "It's kinda become my internet home."

The cartographer has apparently created some written guides and walkthroughs, but StarFighters76 has always been more interested in maps. They seem to prefer the visual medium.

"I've been into mapping since I was a teenager," StarFighters76 remarked. "It started out with me being curious and adventurous, so I would go around neighborhoods I was in and then venture out further when I was ready." The cartographer added that "because I have taught myself how to navigate throughout my city, friends have literally called me their 'human GPS.’ Not joking, either."

Making maps can be extremely tedious at times. StarFighters76 noted that "after I reached 3,000 maps back in 2019, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. After all these years and thousands of maps, it's really hard to keep going doing the same thing with not much else going for it. Don't get me wrong, the art of game mapping is fun by itself. But doing it for 20 years can get to me at times because I feel like I've done all I could do even though there is tons more I could be doing."

People recently began expressing their gratitude on Twitter for all of the hard work and dedication that StarFighters76 has put in over the years. "These maps have gotten me out of so many jams," one person said. "Sometimes a good, simple map is just more easy to read than one trying to use in-game screenshots," noted another. "Thanks to all for the kind words," StarFighters76 replied. "You have no idea how much I needed this."

"Really I needed that boost," he added during the interview. "Being on Twitter has helped give me that boost in motivation just a bit."

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