This Cool Fallout 4 Mod Turns Boston Into Silent Hill

Return to the fog-drenched town of Silent Hill in Fallout 4. Designed and released by Mangaclub, the newly updated Whispering Hills 2 Definitive Edition mod brings a whole long setlist of horrific additions to the RPG, from gruesome foes to VR capabilities. It may not be the welcome sign all Silent Hill fans have been longing to once more bear witness to, yet it’s as close to a modern reimagining as they will get and will keep them well-occupied in the hopeful anticipation for Konami’s rumored resurrection of the franchise.

For it being a mere mod in Fallout 4 (of all games to choose from), Whispering Hill 2 is still just as frightening as its source material. With a tall and lengthy monstrosity known as Siren Head roaming about the fog-filled world, in addition to newly-added Lying Figures, which spit acid at players when striding too close, the overhaul mod is packed not only with immense detail but likewise with its own sense of character and originality. It may still be a Silent Hill recreation, yet it’s also got its own rather eerie and enigmatic voice, which itself can be heard quite well in the form of odd sounds that perpetuate the terror-ridden atmosphere.

No longer is this the same old Commonwealth. This is the town of Silent Hill made into the guise of Boston, and no one will be able to tell the difference. Though it may have been on the modder’s market for quite some time already, the patched update of 2.51, which was released relatively recently, invites a variety of much-needed upgrades to an already eerie mod with avid potential. For starters, Siren Head was reworked in some capacity, most likely in an effort to make it far creepier than it already is, plus VRFix support was added, allowing players to once again use virtual reality capabilities. Additionally, a special guest makes an appearance in the mod, though players will have to venture bravely into the dark recesses of its Asylum floor in order to spot the hidden easter egg.

With a third Silent Hill movie in the works, in addition to a potential Silent Hill remake and franchise revival, the Whispering Hills 2 mod represents the perfect time to lose oneself in the fog of that displaced town. Though looked down upon not nearly as bad as Fallout 76, Fallout 4 was (and still somewhat is) embroiled with its own form of fan ill-will and disliking. Luckily for it, Mangaclub’s creation not only adds layers of horror, survival, and stealth to Bethesda’s RPG shooter, but likewise rangles in a whole franchise’s worth of extra players who very well may never have even touched a single Fallout title in their lives.

At player’s own risk, revisit a place well-known and beloved by horror fanatics everywhere, if not to scream in utter fear at a barreling Siren Head, then merely to bask in the fog-laden aura that is Silent Hill, a town of terror personified.

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