Things Everyone Completely Missed In Myth Of Empires

Myth of Empires offers an overwhelming amount of freedom from the very start of your playthrough. This freedom starts with the map and world, which is based around Ancient China. There is a great deal to do and see on what is referred to as the Eastern Continent. This is a massive 64 square kilometer space in which you can become slowly and surely more powerful as you build alliances with your friends and other players, battle others using the array of weapons available, and collect resources to build an impenetrable base from which to conduct all of this from.

It makes sense then, with all of this going on, that you may have missed a few things. With this in mind, we are going to go through some secrets from Myth of Empires that range from game-changing to useful tidbits to help you on your way. The great thing about games such as these is that there are always more secrets and missed game mechanics to uncover.

6 Fast Travel

Starting out with an aspect that you may have missed: the ability to quickly traverse around the map and get from A to B far quicker than you would otherwise have done. Set up a bed, and you will be able to travel back to it from wherever you are in the world.

One other component to this matter is to make sure you set up chests in and around your beds as you lose all the items you are carrying when you fast travel. This adds a needed complexity with fast travel, and you can set down these chests once you reach level four.

5 Caves

The Eastern Continent has a number of caves in its world that are waiting to be explored and utilized. To provide some examples: there is one located beneath a waterfall that offers a brilliant place to hide your most valuable resources from others and another located in a deep swamp next to large areas with valuable resources.

These caves offer new parts of the world that you can explore as well as a myriad of other functions. These include being used as a fast travel point for the region, a place to build a base away from prying eyes, or a center of operations for resource mining in the area.

4 Farming/Resource Collection

Trying to stay alive in the early stages of Myth of Empires can be tough, and it can be easy to focus on the short-term goal of simply surviving the next day and night. However, it is important not to miss out on planning for the long term.

Unfortunately, farming for resources on the game is both tiresome and inefficient, so you'll want to find ways to make this as easy as possible. An icon of a cart may appear on your map – these represent resource collection points. A group of strong human NPCs will be guarding the loot and must be defeated for you to collect it all.

3 Daily missions

When booting up the game, it can be easy to simply pick up where you left off and continue on with your tasks. However, in the early game, it is a good idea to not only complete the early quest lines but also to log in and make sure you accomplish the daily missions.

The daily missions are often menial tasks but come with nice bonuses that will be sure to help you get past those notoriously difficult early levels as fast as possible.

2 The Magistrate

The Magistrate building itself may not be a secret, found on the eastern part of the map surrounded by various encampments – it is unmissable when in that area. What you may have missed, however, is how this building and, more specifically, control over it determines dominance over the region.

Holding the Magistrate building enables you to control the local copper and iron resources which are in abundance around the building. Controlling this resource is a sought-after position, and you can grab up to 100k coins every single day. But, of course, be prepared for a fight capturing and controlling this area.

1 Guild Buildings

Earlier we mentioned finding ways to make resource collection easier, in order to avoid having to farm as regularly as you otherwise might have done. With these capture points on the map, you can also begin building lumberyards, mines, and quarries to take your capabilities to the next level.

Once you have defeated the enemies guarding the point, you can select the flag and see which buildings can be built there to begin harvesting resources for you. Once you have the building materials ready you can go right ahead and start construction. Do this enough times, and you will have built up a formidable guild network. Due to this, it is important to watch out for attacks whether you are playing on a PvP or PvE server.

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