There’s A Yoshi Egg Hidden In The Mario Movie Poster

Nintendo has decided it is almost time to finally show us what its Mario movie is going to look like. In preparation for the Direct during which the trailer will debut, the very first poster for the project was revealed. It shows Mario, with his back to the camera, standing in the middle of what appears to be a sprawling Mushroom Kingdom, and there are naturally plenty of Easter eggs to be on the lookout for.

In fact, one of those Easter eggs is quite literally an egg. A Yoshi egg. The green and white spotted shell was spotted by VG247 in an article that highlights a number of things Mario fans might not have noticed. As for where you can find the Yoshi egg, it's hidden out the back of the antique shop, just to the left of Blue Toad's head.

When Nintendo ran down the cast of the Mario movie more than a year ago, it confirmed Princess Peach, Bowser, and even Donkey Kong will be in the movie. There was no mention of Yoshi though, possibly because the plumber's trusty steed doesn't really talk. There has been no official mention regarding whether Yoshi will be in the movie or not, but the egg from which the iconic character hatches is surely an indicator that he will be.

As for when and where Yoshi will pop up is anyone's guess. Maybe he will appear during the credits as a tease for a potential sequel, much like Tails did at the end of the first Sonic movie. Apologies for the spoilers if you haven't seen it yet but come on, it's been well over two years. It's equally possible, if not even more likely, that we see Yoshi in the first trailer for the movie when it debuts tomorrow.

While a glimpse of Yoshi will be cool, what the world is really waiting to see is Mario's face, and perhaps even more importantly, what the plumber will sound like. An image shared by a McDonald's employee may have revealed that first look a little early, sharing an image from what appears to be promotional material for the restaurant chain on Discord.

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