There’s A Glitch In Animal Crossing: New Horizons That Lets You "Swim" In Pools

Over a year after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are still discovering new glitches. The latest addition is the “pool glitch,” which allows you to basically morph into a pool object so it looks like you are swimming.

In the past, we’ve seen glitches that allow you to plant trees on the edge of cliffs and several duplication glitches. They are eventually patched by Nintendo and rendered unable to be used. The pool glitch is still fairly new, though.

Reddit user Pigment_b put this glitch to the test and it turned out pretty great. In their post, you can see their character lounging in the pool. With this glitch, you basically ignore any object in your way. It gives the appearance of swimming in a pool, but you are actually just glitching into the object.

To do this, you must first terraform a cliff and place a pool at the top. Round the corners of the cliff and place an unfinished puzzle as far as you can in one corner. You will only need one in the corner you plan to use your ladder on. In addition, make sure the pool is relatively close to the puzzle. Stand at the bottom of the rounded cliff corner and climb up with your ladder. Climbing up should put you directly on top of the puzzle. After this, head over to your object of choice and you should be inside of it! Once you leave the object, you won’t be able to get back inside without going through the puzzle again. Check out this quick tutorial if you need to see the steps performed.

Additionally, this glitch allows you to swim in rivers and terraformed ponds! It’s a bit more difficult to perform, so be sure to check out the tutorial above. Remember, this glitch works on pretty much every object, so you can let your creativity run wild. Want to be inside a firepit? Now, you can.

Hopefully, Nintendo doesn’t fix this bug soon because it’s harmless and quite fun. If you are interested in this glitch, you should try it sooner rather than later just in case Nintendo does fix it.

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