The Starfield Reveal Trailer Was Made In-Engine And Without Any Cinematic Tools

Starfield’s reveal trailer was done completely in-engine and without the use of any cinematic tools.

A post on ArtStation by a senior lighting artist at Bethesda, Keith Beltramini, showcased some screenshots from the reveal trailer and talked about the overall process behind the trailer and his role on the team.

In the post, Keith said, “I created the lighting for the 2021 teaser trailer of Starfield. Using our own Creation Engine 2, we created this entirely in-game without any cinematic tools. Working closely with director Istvan Pely, I assisted in art direction for anything lighting and mood-related”.

When Starfield’s reveal trailer was first shown off, the cinematic angles and nature of the trailer had many convinced that it was more of a proof of concept, mood-setting trailer, rather than a proper look at the game, but here Keith confirms that it was all done in-game with the Creation Engine 2. The mention of “cinematic tools” seems to imply that the shots in the trailer were all done simply by manipulating the game’s camera and moving it around.

Bethesda has done similar things in the past when revealing their games, with both Fallout 4 and Skyrim’s trailers being done completely in-engine and usually containing gameplay footage of some kind. Starfield’s reveal trailer didn’t really show off or reveal much gameplay, but it demonstrated the graphical fidelity of the game in an unedited state.

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