The Sims 4 Players Get High On Life With Ferris Wheel Woohooing

EA and Maxis officially revealed its long-rumored High School expansion this week. The trailer for the expansion briefly shows a Ferris wheel with pink hearts mysteriously emitting from it and disappearing up into the night sky. That implies a certain act can take place on the Ferris wheel, and The Sims' creators have already revealed players' suspicions to be true.

A fairground will be one of many areas outside of the core high school added to The Sims 4 via its next expansion, and no fun fair is complete without a Ferris wheel. Shortly after the trailer was posted on Twitter, LoganGilgrist snapped a screenshot of the moment mentioned above and asked if that means what the shot implies (via GamesRadar). That Sims will be able to woohoo while riding the Ferris wheel.

“PLEASE tell me those hearts mean you can woohoo in that Ferris wheel,” The Sims' player tweeted. Clearly excited that the subtle moment had already been spotted, the game's official Twitter account replied, “they sure do!” Despite the confirmation, some players remain skeptical and still believe the Ferris wheel will be little more than a background item that can't be interacted with. Others have started to question whether there will be other parts of the fairground Sims can woohoo, such as a Tunnel of Love or photo booths.

For the uninitiated who haven't pieced it together by now, woohooing is used as a synonym for sex in The Sims and has been since it was first introduced in The Sims 2. Yes, that does appear to mean that you could well begin the journey of welcoming a brand new baby Sim into your virtual world aboard a Ferris wheel. That would certainly be quite the story for your grandsims a few years from now. Or a few weeks from now depending on how quickly you like your Sim days to play out.

The Sims 4's High School expansion pack launches later this month on July 28. As well as a Ferris wheel on which you can get nasty, the pack also allows your Sims to attend high school, mix with teachers and peers, and ultimately graduate if everything goes to plan. The expansion will also include sleepovers, bubble tea, and body hair. That's a different type of body hair to the stuff that covers your Sims in the recent werewolves update.

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