The Sims 4 Becomes Meta With Dream Home Decorator Game Pack

It’s been a busy week for The Sims 4. First, we had the announcement of a new kit, Courtyard Oasis. This was quickly followed by a roadmap for May to July that mentions the kit as well as an upcoming game pack, a brand new expansion, and more. Now we have a brand new trailer for the game pack which reveals its name, Dream Home Decorator.

The roadmap teased a creative career but we can now confirm that this is an interior design career, something we previously saw in The Sims 3. It seems likely that the functionality of the career will work in a similar way to Style Influencer and other task-based work from home jobs.

“Our community has always impressed us through their ingenuity and creativity in building beautiful homes for their Sims,” says Jill Johnson, producer of Dream Home Decorator, “We can’t wait to see their incredible designs and renovation reveals with the new Interior Decorator Freelance career.”

In the trailer, we catch a glimpse of an interface that shows a gig with details of a budget, specific likes and dislikes of the clients, and a short list of tasks to complete. It even adds entering build mode as a task, confirming that this pack is going to combine gameplay and building.

For those who aren’t fans of designing their own houses, there still looks to be a solid range of additions to your game. We see several new outfits, including a vibrant jumpsuit as well as some everyday casuals. These are accompanied by a selection of different build mode items. There’s a new desk, a kitchen with a countertop hob, and even a large sectional sofa. According to the accompanying blog post we can also expect built-in ovens, and modular shelving.

The theme appears to be modern, with the trailer showing sleek designs for new beds, chairs, tables, and other items. You’ll also notice that the bunk beds now have desks underneath them, or have the bottom bed turned at an angle to the top. This specific feature, which allows you to place a wide range of items under a top bunk without using the move objects cheat, will be coming in a free update.

The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator will be available on PC and Mac via Origin and Steam as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 1. It requires The Sims 4 to play.

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