The Lego Uncharted Set Has Been Confirmed Fake, Rumour Was Created "For Science"

A rumour claiming that an Uncharted Lego set is on the way has been proven false and was apparently started "for science".

With the Legacy of Thieves collection and Uncharted movie out over the next two months, it's an exciting time to be an Uncharted fan. Earlier in the week, it looked like there was even more to be excited about, as a rumour started spreading that an Uncharted Lego set was on the way, one that would include a jeep, and a cave, seemingly reenacting one of Uncharted 4's chapters.

Considering how much Uncharted content is on the way over the next few months, it was an easy rumour to believe. Don't go reaching for your wallet yet though, as Jay from Jay's Brick Blog has admitted to making the story up "for science" and to see how rumours within the community get started.

The blog, titled "Sorry, There's No Lego Uncharted Set Because I Started That Rumour (For Science)", has Jay admitting that he started the rumour to see how Lego leaks get started, how they travel around the community, and how some sites choose to run the information.

Jay said, "All those headlines and articles you may have stumbled upon on the rumoured LEGO Uncharted set, are unfortunately false, and have no basis in reality – because I started the rumour. (sorry, not sorry). I’ve always had a fascination with #legoleaks, and the entire cottage industry that revolves around the sourcing, and sharing of upcoming, uncomfirmed LEGO sets and themes".

As it turns out, Jay started the rumour after seeing several late 2022 set lists being posted online. Jay says that he wanted to see if anyone could start a Lego leak online and how far it would go if a few sites picked it up. Jay decided to go for Uncharted after the recent rumours of a Horizon set and the number of Uncharted releases in the next few months.

After that, it was as simple as creating an anonymous Instagram account and messaging several Lego insiders to see which would bite. As it turns out, a few actually did, and the story started spreading. Guess Jay got the Lego leak experience after all.

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