The Last of Us Is Getting A Board Game

The Last of Us Part 2 launched earlier this year to astronomical success, both critically and commercially. After becoming the third-highest-grossing title in US PlayStation history, it went on to usurp Final Fantasy 7 Remake as the most completed game on PS4. And now — perhaps based on that success — The Last of Us is getting its own official board game.

For those unacquainted with the premise of The Last of Us Part 2, it focuses on Ellie several years after the polarizing denouement of the series’ inaugural title, and tells a harrowing tale of love, loss, and the precarious circumstances that arise from an insatiable desire for revenge.

The Last of Us Part 2 developer Naughty Dog teased a major announcement for the game earlier this week. Although said announcement was originally supposed to be made during the festivities of The Last of Us Day, which takes place tomorrow, September 26, Naughty Dog recently took to Twitter in order to say that tomorrow seems far away — why not start dropping some news today?

You can check out the tweet for yourself below.

Since teasing the announcement on Twitter, Naughty Dog has officially confirmed what this news actually is. In honor of The Last of Us Day, the developer has announced that The Last of Us is getting its own official tabletop game.

Check out the tweet below:

According to an official blog post published over at Naughty Dog’s website, the game is being developed as a collaborative project with CMON, who are known as the creators of Bloodborne: The Board Game and God of War: The Card Game.

While there’s no official release date just yet, development is apparently “already underway,” and more information will be shared soon.

The blog post also mentioned new merch for The Last of Us Part 2, including a The Last of Us Part 2 original soundtrack on vinyl, limited edition posters, official statues and figures, and lots more. You can also net yourself a free The Last of Us Part 2 PS4 theme, if that’s up your street.

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