The Last Of Us 2 Makes Killing Enemies Even More Personal

Following the extended gameplay video for The Last of Us: Part II, Naughty Dog has released another video for the much-anticipated post-apocalyptic PS4 game. The latest “Inside the Details” video shines a light on the level of detail that Naughty Dog has put into the game–and it’s a lot.

In the video, developers speak about bringing the game’s characters to life through things like veins that pop on a character’s forehead when they’re in a stressful situation. Additionally, the game has a new animation system that lets the developers adjust how tears flow off the eyes and face.

Another way that Naughty Dog has focused on details is by giving enemy characters names. When you kill an enemy, their friend might call out in anguish. The enemies you kill may also scream in blood-curdling pain. It’s all part of helping increase the tension and immersion you feel as the player.

“They feel real and it makes the situation you’re in feel real in a way that you haven’t seen before and you might not be ready for,” lead designer Anthony Newman said in the video.

Finally, game director and writer Neil Druckmann spoke about how The Last of Us: Part II will feature foliage that’s accurate to whatever part of the country Ellie finds herself in. The developers traveled to Seattle, specifically, to capture not only the local foliage but also architecture and more.

The Last of Us: Part II launches on June 19 for PlayStation 4. GameSpot is currently playing the game, and we’ll have a review for you on June 12.

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