The First Trailer For Space Jam: A New Legacy Has Released

The first Space Jam debuted in 1997 to mixed reviews, and now, over twenty years later, it’s managed to net itself a sequel. Warner Bros. has just dropped a brand new trailer, showing off the colorful hybrid of animation and live-action.

As for the story, Space Jam 2 is all about a fictional LeBron James trapped with his son, Cedric Joe, in a digital landscape manufactured by none other than Don Cheadle. It’s being produced by Black Panther and Creed director Ryan Coogler and directed by Best Man Holiday’s Malcolm D. Lee.

Controversy about a bunny being de-sexualized, racist characters gutted, and comparisons to the original aplenty, Space Jam: A New Legacy has been making headlines for weeks, gearing up for its July 16 release, and now the trailer is finally here.

“Who is going to be the first to get an Oscar [between LeBron James and Michael Jordan]? Let’s have that debate,” Malcolm D. Lee opens, “Space Jam: A New Legacy is a better movie than Space Jam. If you say theatrical movie, Space Jam is it. LeBron’s got that going for him.

“Michael Jordan transcended sports. LeBron is arguably in that category. Now, there’s probably no LeBron without Jordan, and I’m sure he would admit that. But he’s a once-in-a-generation player. I love who LeBron is as a man, as an athlete, as an activist.”

The director certainly seems confident, and there’s a wealth of talent going into Space Jam 2, but whether that confidence is well-placed has yet to be seen, but the trailer should be a good indicator of what to expect come July. Given that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, Space Jam 2 will be available to stream on HBO Max within the first 31 days of its release, but it is also dropping in cinemas.

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