The First Miitopia Any% Speedrun Is In, And It Took 13 Hours

Miitopia looks simple enough. In a world where Mass Effect can be beaten in an hour and a half, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in just seven minutes, you’d think this lighthearted RPG from Nintendo wouldn’t take too long speedrun. Well, turns out you’d be very, very wrong.

Miitopia just re-released for Switch, and the speedrunners have got to work. The original 3DS release already had a small speedrunning community, but it’s a category that still proves lengthy five years on. The record currently sits at eight hours, 56 minutes, and 43 seconds. And now if that wasn’t enough of a time investment, anyone looking to break into the scene on the Switch version is even more out of luck, as the current record is a whooping 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 16 seconds.

This time comes from the first run registered with, courtesy of runner Crazy_Calv. Admittedly, this was not a proper speedrun attempt, but an initial playthrough from someone who had been speedrunning the game’s demo. Demo% currently sits at 33 minutes – 3 minutes longer than demo% in the previous game.

While the time is likely to be cut drastically from 13 hours, this version of the game will probably remain the longest to speedrun. Miitopia on Switch comes with a bunch of new features, like more character customization for Miis, and more interactions between party members.

Despite not even being a proper attempt, 13 hours is still a huge feat when you look at how long Miitopia takes to complete on average. According to, the average time is 29 hours and 30 minutes. This shoots up to almost 64 hours if you’re going to be a completionist.

Overall, the Miitopia community remains a vibrant one. As soon as players got their hands on the demo, they quickly went to work making the most out of the new customization options – faithfully recreating video game and cartoon characters with uncanny accuracy.

Miitopia released on Switch yesterday, May 21. It previously released on 3DS in 2016.

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