The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get The Death Dealer’s Fete

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There are so many item sets to pick from in The Elder Scrolls Online, including mythic items. Each mythic item offers a special bonus while only requiring you to wear one piece. Because of the limited set piece requirement, mythic items are extremely useful and worth using regardless of your class or role.

The Death Dealer's Fete is one of the strongest mythic items in The Elder Scrolls Online, and it's especially nice to have if your build is low on resources. Here's everything you need to do to get the Death Dealer's Fete and its unique effect.

What Is The Death Dealer's Fete?

The Death Dealer's Fete is a ring with a unique effect that you can't get from any other item set. It grants you up to 30 stacks, one for every two seconds you stay in combat, that each grants 88 Health, Stamina, and Magicka. You'll slowly lose these stacks upon exiting combat.

These extra resources are useful if you're a tank since all three resources are vital to your role. However, this effect can also be helpful for a damage-dealer in certain situations, since it grants a buff to everything. The max bonus you'll receive after 60 seconds in combat is 2,640 per each resource.

How To Get The Death Dealer's Fete

Mythic items in The Elder Scrolls Online consist of five pieces in total, which is also the number of leads you need to collect to get the Death Dealer's Fete. You can find each lead in a different location and through a different task, so collecting this item is quite the challenge.

How To Get The Sturdy Silver Prongs

The Sturdy Silver Prongs is likely to be the most difficult lead to get for the Death Dealer's Fete. To gain a chance of finding this lead, you need to loot the final chest in Dragonstar Arena after defeating the final boss. You need to defeat all of the enemies and bosses inside each of the arenas to finish it.

Dragonstar Arena isn't too difficult to clear on normal difficulty, but it's much more difficult on veteran difficulty. If you're only after the lead, then farming Dragonstar Arena on normal difficulty is the fastest way to get it. It's easiest to complete Dragonstar Arena with a group of four players, the max amount that you can bring into this area.

How To Get The Carved Signet Base

The Carved Signet Base is somewhat hard to get since you need to defeat Nunatak in the Imperial City. Nunatak is a boss that spawns in the Memorial District of the Imperial City zone, which is a small-scale PvP area. You may encounter players of other alliances in the area, so it's easy to die if you don't have a proper PvP build.

The best way to defeat Nunatak and get a chance of finding the lead is to form a group to fight Nunatak together. Nunatak is a Frost Atronach, so come prepared for a powerful boss fight.

How To Get The Wide Barbed Shank

You can potentially loot the Wide Barbed Shank as a reward for completing the Anomalies in Craglorn. The easiest one to complete is the Adamant Anomaly, which you can find on the map above because it's directly north of Belkarth, the primary city in Craglorn. You'll need to defeat enemies at each Anomaly, so come prepared with a powerful build and a few allies.

How To Get The Weighted Spiked Bridge

The Weighted Spiked Bridge is easy to get if you play any PvP content because it has a chance to drop inside Rewards For The Worthy crates. You earn one of these crates for each 20,000 Alliance Points you earn. You can earn Alliance Points in Battlegrounds, the Imperial City, and Cyrodiil.

How To Get The Warm Asymmetrical Ruby

The Warm Asymmetrical Ruby has a high drop chance from the reward chests you earn upon defeating the final boss in an Oblivion Portal. You can find Oblivion Portals throughout the Blackwood zone in the Blackwood expansion pack.

Once you find an Oblivion Portal in the landscape, you must enter and defeat the bosses throughout it to eventually have a chance to fight the final boss and earn the lead. It's faster if you have another player with you so you can defeat the final boss as quickly as possible. However, the boss is easy enough that you can defeat it solo with the right set-up.

How To Scry And Excavate Leads

Scrying and excavating are important skills to learn in The Elder Scrolls Online, especially while trying to collect mythic items. Upon picking up a lead, you'll have 30 days to scry it before it disappears and you need to re-collect it. You'll need to reach level seven in both the Scrying skill and Excavating skill before you can unlock the passives necessary to scry the above leads.

After you reach the necessary levels, you need to scry and then excavate each of the leads. Upon excavating the fifth lead, the Death Dealer's Fete with be waiting for you to equip it in the Rings section of your inventory. You can find a full guide detailing how to start scrying and excavating inside this article.

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