The Blair Witch Devs Hid An Animal Crossing Hoodie Code In Their Latest Trailer

Although the trailer for last month’s Nintendo Switch release of the Blair Witch game was first released for the back in June, it wasn’t until recently that viewers noticed something hidden among all the eerie stick people totems: a hidden code. Those able to find the code tucked away in the trailer can use it to claim a special Blair Witch hoodie for their characters to wear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The in-game garment is based off a real world hoodie that was made available at last year’s Gamecon. The red sweater in question features the Blair Witch franchise’s signature stick figure in white. The context of Animal Crossing’s more cheerful aesthetic is a fun juxtaposition to the image’s darker origins.

Making the rounds on reddit, a tweet from the official Blair Witch account urges gamers to take another look at the trailer so as to find the code for themselves. As the tweet suggests, “The Witch can be nice as well” and the satisfaction that comes with tracking down the code would seem to support that claim.

Blair Witch came out for the Switch on June 25th, not long after the trailer was first released. However, prior to this week, nobody had spotted the code—which only appears on screen for a momentary flash—hidden among the spooky imagery of the horror game. It’s fitting, considering the game itself centers on a hunt for a young boy who’s gone missing in the Black Hills Forest outside of Burkittsville, Maryland. These dark and witch-infested woods are the same setting of the iconic 90s movie, The Blair Witch Project, which launched the franchise.

Blair Witch the game comes from Bloober Team, the independent studio behind titles such as The Observer, The Medium, and Layers of Fear. Given the studio’s commitment to developing horror games, they would seem to be a great fit to helm a spin-off game inspired by the lore established by the legendary film series.

Although Bloober Team may be committed to giving their players a thoroughly horrific experience, the prize hidden away in the trailer for their game hints at a sense of humor on the part of the developers and their marketing team.

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