The Ascent Will Be Getting More Content

Neon Giant's The Ascent featured on my personal Game of the Year list. It had all my favourite video game features – a top-down perspective, great shooting mechanics, a treasure trove of loot and customization options, and a cyberpunk aesthetic. My only problem with it was that it ended rather suddenly, and the devs were completely silent about future content, until now.

Yesterday, on the game's one year anniversary, the devs teased some upcoming content DLC via a rather cryptic tweet. "It's our 1st Year Anniversary," said the tweet. "We're humbled by the support and love we've had since launch. Thank you to our awesome community for sticking with us and for playing our game! We appreciate each and every one of you! Now with that being said, we'll just leave this here…"

Along with it was a short video that showcased a montage of scenes from the game, and the line, "Gear up for an all new contract." Of course, this isn't much to go on. Neon Giant provided no other details on what this new contract could be or when we'll be able to take it up. However, it doesn't seem like it will be connected to the main story.

Back in March, we asked The Ascent's creative director and Neon Giant co-founder, Arcade Berg about whether the game would receive any more story content. Even back then, he played his cards pretty close to his chest, saying that he and the team is always "exploring what can be done in the future with The Ascent, so pay attention."

The Ascent came to PlayStation in March, and included a photo mode, a transmog system, New Game+, additional voice overs for all side missions, and a lot more gear. Berg was very impressed with the sound functionality and the haptic feedback features of the PS5 DualSense controller. "The fact that you can tie it into the sound design in a way [via the controller speakers] is a great way to get that step up in immersion and sense of quality," he said. "You’ll feel the controller react very well to explosions, but also subtler things like you reloading a gun."

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