Terraria: How To Create The Graveyard Effect

The graveyard is a player-made biome created by dying too much. There are different biomes in Terraria that have different themed enemies and blocks. These are obvious and automatically within the game, but the graveyard is not. If you play on PC and have been having extra trouble with an enemy or boss above ground, you may have already seen these strange effects.

The graveyard biome makes all colors in the surrounding area dull and produces a creepy fog. Some NPC’s sell special items if placed within a graveyard. This biome will spawn zombies and special enemies like ravens and ghosts. Apart from the dreadful danger of enemies, a graveyard possesses near your base, crafting within the fog can give you unique items you can’t otherwise craft. For instance, you can craft a coffin minecart and a gravedigger’s shovel.

The graveyard biome can only be created on PC and on mobile.

If you’re playing on one of these platforms, here’s how to create your own graveyard biome.

Die A Lot, By Any Means Necessary

The first thing you’ll want to do is collect tombstones. Usually, they are an annoying mess that you clean up and throw away, so you’ll want to purposefully kill yourself a few times to collect some instead.

  • You need around six or more tombstones to successfully spawn a graveyard biome.

You don’t have to die in the exact spot you want your graveyard, you can manually move the tombstones and create a fake one. It’s also possible to make a graveyard biome above ground, in the air. If you were to make a floating graveyard, the ground beneath it would still take on the same effect.

Place The Tombstones Together

The tombstones don’t have to be centimeters apart. You can space them out and decorate how you see fit to make the creepiest and most realistic experience you desire. No matter where you place them, the surrounding area will fog up and become lifeless in color, so long as there are more than five tombstones or graves. To remove the graveyard effect or to understand why you’re graveyard may not be working, look to sunflowers.

  • Each sunflower undoes the effect of one gravestone.

Creating a graveyard biome is by no means a detriment to your survival or enabling a challenge. It spawns enemies at the same time and amount that you would normally expect enemies.

It’s more of a beneficial aesthetic since it activates unique items for sale and you’re able to farm special zombies you would otherwise rarely see. Players love building extravagant experiences within Terraria, sometimes for other players to play, and a graveyard biome is just one other thing you can use to spice things up.

All Unique NPC Items From Graveyard Effect

These are the NPS items you can buy from different traders within the graveyard biome.

  • Fog dye from Dye Trader
  • Quad-barrel shotgun from Arms Dealer
  • Echo blocks, which are invisible blocks, from Cyborg
  • Spectre goggles that allow you to see echo blocks, from Cyborg
  • Moody paintings like Nevermore and Ghost Manifestation from Painter
  • Gravedigger outfit set from Clothier
  • Victorian gothic outfit set from Clothier

All Unique Crafting Items From Graveyard Effect

You can also craft the following items while in the graveyard fog.

  • Coffin minecart at an anvil
  • Gravedigger’s shovel at an anvil
  • Tattered wood sign at a workbench

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