Take Your Hospital Off The Grid In Two Point Hospital’s Next Expansion

Wacky management sim Two Point Hospital is about to get some apocalyptic DLC in the form of the Off The Grid expansion. Titled for all of the government conspiracy theorists out there, this latest add-on will task players with creating and maintaining a hospital that puts green energy above everything. No more polluting the world while trying to give someone an X-ray.

Similar to previous expansions, there will be a series of new locations that demand different tactics to succeed. The first, Wanderoff County Park, is all about being clean and keeping happiness up. The second, Old Newport, is more like a farm and will have players growing crops that they can use to feed patients with.

The main dish, though, has to be Windsock City. This facility is located in the center of an eco-friendly metropolis that doesn’t rely on dirty power. Traditional power plants are gone and players will need to provide their own sources of electricity to keep the lights on. This is more where the off the grid moniker comes from.

As developer Two Point Studios explains, “Tabitha Windsock, Two Point County’s ever-present mayor, has put rivers and forests back on the map with her sudden concern for ‘green-issues.'” It seems this expansion will have its own mini-story where players will join up with Windsock and help her clean up the world one hospital at a time.

Two Point Hospital has been available on PC since 2018. It recently made the jump to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch and can even be nabbed from Xbox Game Pass. It’s a charming, funny little game that is an excellent recreation of 90s management sims. You could almost view it as a sequel to Theme Hospital, what with the similarities the two titles carry.

Off The Grid will officially launch for the PC version of Two Point Hospital on March 18, 2020. The expansion will run you $8.99/£6.99 and can be nabbed for 10% off if pre-ordered before release. There’s no word on whether or not the recently released console ports will receive this or any of the previous DLC packs, but the chances do seem likely.

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