Takashi Iizuka Says We’ll Get Another Sonic Adventure Game "Some Day"

Sonic Origins launched last month, Sonic Frontiers will come next, apparently before the end of 2022, but beyond that, the blue blur's future is unknown. Sonic fans have plenty of ideas though, and top of a lot of people's wishlists is a new Adventure game. Something that didn't seem likely until Takashi Iizuka revealed the series will continue.

Iizuka, who has been working on Sonic games for almost three decades, sat down with Game Informer and answered a lot of rapid fire questions in the eight-minute video below. Since fans want to know more about Frontiers, most of the questions centered around the next game starring the blue blur. However, the conversation occasionally veered off onto other Sonic games, including Adventure and Adventure 2.

After revealing Sonic Adventure was the hardest Sonic game to make, and that the sequel is his favorite Sonic game to this day, Iizuka was asked if there will ever be another in the series. He replied “someday” which is a far more promising answer than others given recently. Iizuka recently said he would be interested in developing Sonic Adventure 3, only to backtrack on that a few days later and clarify there are currently no plans for that game.

That's what makes the someday answer even more interesting. After throwing water on the Adventure 3 rumors Iizuka started, he will have effectively reignited them by saying there will be a third game someday. His answer regarding whether the first two games in the series will be remastered was also pretty interesting. Iizuka claims he has no idea if the first two Adventure games are being remade, rather than a flatout no.

Some questions Iizuka was asked did receive a firm no. Chao Gardens in Frontiers, for example. Fans have been hopeful the feature would return in the new Sonic game, but Iizuka officially squashed that hope for good during the interview above. As for the future of the long-dormant Adventure series, remastering the first two seems like a no-brainer. The original games that came before it have been repackaged and remastered so many times already, it's time to move on and introduce a new generation of Sonic fans to two of the best Sonic games ever made.

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