Tails Is A V-Tuber Now

Sonic news has been pretty wild lately. In the run-up to Sonic the Hedgehog 2's premiere in cinemas next month, the studio has gone all-in on its advertising campaign. Whether this is a trailer featuring a sexy Idris Elba (with Knuckles hands), or a fan-pleasing poster reminiscent of the Sonic 2 game box art, there's been plenty to get excited about. And it isn't stopping there.

Tails will make his V-Tuber debut sometime next week. Yes, I'm completely serious. TailsTube will see the two-tailed fox answer frequently asked fan questions, and will even feature "special guests", probably in the form of other V-Tuber Sonic pals. It's likely that this will shed some light on Sonic Frontiers, which is set to launch at the end of the year.

Announcing the upcoming video, Tails doesn't explain what the Q&A will focus on. But with fans freely able to ask questions, it's likely that it will give us details on both the upcoming movie and game. Other than that, it'll likely just give us some general answers about the Sonic series as a whole.

This is a very similar format to previous Sonic Q&A's, in which voice actors from the series take to Twitter to respond to fans in character, and in real-time. This has been a fan favourite format since it was introduced, and bringing in an animated avatar to go alongside it was the next logical step. It does appear that this one won't be live though, as the announcement says that the V-Tuber video will be "published" next week.

However, with special guests joining Tails in the video, it's likely to be a whole lot of fun. The last Sonic cast Q&A was full of memorable moments, including an impromptu game of Among Us. Incidentally, Tails won pretty easily, and it was kinda terrifying.

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