"Super" Mario Kart Tour Now Live, Features SNES Mario And Donkey Kong Jr.

Get ready to dive into the early years of Super Mario Tour, as you can now play as the classic SNES Mario and Donkey Kong Jr in Mario Kart Tour. The original characters from Super Mario Kart will be making their appearance as unlockable characters in the mobile game’s latest update.

Released in 2019, Mario Kart Tour has been fully committed to keeping things fresh with new content – from new characters and karts to classic race tracks – to cater to both old and new fans of the racing series. The game recently added a feature where you can play in Landscape Mode, a highly requested feature that lets you play on your phone horizontally.

In the new trailer, it was revealed that both retro versions of Super Mario and Donkey Kong Jr from the classic SNES title will be available for players to unlock in the new update of Mario Kart Tour. The mobile game still retains its classic look from the original as they drive their own classic vehicle. The 16-bit characters will be on the track alongside the classic 8-bit Pip Frame, the standard kart that was used in the original. The characters will even move just like the original, letting you relive memories from decades past.

This is part of the new event that Mario Kart Tour recently kicked off, as it pay tribute to the very first game in the spin-off racing series that was released back in 1992. The announcement was previously made during the Mario 35th Anniversary Direct just last week. This new event is currently live and will end on September 22nd, which should give players enough time to add classic Mario and Donkey Kong Jr into their roster.

The latest update will also feature some of the original tracks from the first game in the series being played in the background as part of the tour. Even though the tour only runs for a few weeks, the characters that you unlock will be yours to keep forever.

Mario Kart Tour is available for free on the App Store, and the Super Mario Tour-themed event runs until September 22.

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