Super Bomberman R Online Blasts Onto Stadia September 1

Konami has announced that Super Bomberman R Online will be heading to Google Stadia on September 1, 2020. Coming in at $9.99, Stadia Pro members will have two months to grab the game for free. They’ll be given indefinite access to it from that point on. Starting November 30, Pro members that have not claimed the game will then need to pay $9.99 for the “Premium” package.

The main difference between Online and the regular version is that this Stadia port includes a special 64-bomber battle royale mode. It won’t feel like Fornite or anything, but the power of the cloud allows for more characters to be on screen at once. It should make for a chaotic bit of fun, as long as Stadia doesn’t cut out on you.

Against all odds, Super Bomberman R has become a pretty solid entry in the famous Bomberman series. When it originally launched on Switch in 2017, it felt somewhat undercooked. It was lacking in options and maps and was almost like a tech-demo for a final game.

Konami later updated the title after porting it to different platforms, which has dramatically improved things. Inclusions like Snake Bomber (from Metal Gear Solid) and Pyramid Head Bomber (from Silent Hill) have tickled the fan service itch while also acting as a celebration of what Konami used to be.

Maybe Stadia isn’t the best place to play this particular game, but at least Konami is interested in keeping Bomberman around.

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