Sucker Punch Has "No Plans" For Infamous And Sly Cooper Games Right Now

Today is not a good day for Sly Cooper or Infamous fans as developer Sucker Punch has clarified that it has "no plans" for new games in either franchise. It has also stated that there aren't any other studios working on projects either, essentially leaving both Sly Cooper and Infamous in limbo.

In a new blog post on the Sucker Punch website, the developer talks about how proud it is of its legacy titles but confirms that it has "no plans to revisit Infamous or Sly Cooper right now." Sucker Punch explains that the reason behind this decision is due to the "scale and complexity" of their games nowadays and that all of its focus is on its "current project."

As for what the project is, most people assume that Sucker Punch currently has a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima in the works at the moment. This was backed up recently by a job listing at the studio, as Sucker Punch is looking for combat and mission designers for an "unannounced open-world stealth game." Now that we know there aren't any Sly Cooper games in development, it just leaves Ghost of Tsushima as the only title that fits that description.

It's not all bad news for Sly Cooper or Infamous fans though. Despite explaining there are no games in development at the moment, Sucker Punch does leave the door open just a crack, letting fans know that it would "never say never" to new games in either series. It's probably not the news that fans of either series wanted to hear, but there's a possibility Sucker Punch could go back to Sly Cooper or Infamous after the release of the current project.

In regards to the studio's rumored Ghost of Tsushima sequel, fans have already been coming up with new ideas they'd like to see. Suggestions range from quite realistic – such as better Japanese lip-syncing and big cities to explore – to absolutely bananas, as one fan of the series would like to see it focus on the supernatural elements seen in the game's multiplayer mode.

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