Stuntfest – World Tour Announces Free Playtest This Weekend

THQ Nordic showed off a lot of very interesting games today, but only three of them had jetpacks. The first was Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed, and the second was Outcast 2. The only non-sequel game to feature jetpacks was Stuntfest – World Tour, and it definitely deserves your attention.

Not just because it has jetpacks, but because of what you do with them. In Stuntfest, you’re a contestant in the most extreme sport ever devised. In most car-based competitions, the cars are sort of central to the contest–you lose your car, then you lose the race. But in Stuntfest, cars are disposable thanks to the “aimed ejection mechanism.” Press a button, and you get catapulted out of your car like a James Bond villain. The only difference is, you keep going thanks to the jetpack on your back. Then when you get to the next car on the track, you just dive inside and keep racing.

It’s definitely a wild and unique idea that sets Stuntfest apart from the racing competition. It’s more realistic looking than Mario Kart, but it has tracks more in common with the Nintendo staple than it does with Forza Horizon 5 (at least before the release of the Hot Wheels DLC, anyway).

Besides the straight-up racing mode, there’s a crash derby mode and a free-area called Stuntfest Arena where you can just do whatever along with everyone else. You can customize your character to be anything from a "punkster granny to a famous streamer,” and you can upgrade your car to keep up with your jetpack.

And you won’t have to wait long to try Stuntfest for yourself. During today’s presentation, THQ Nordic announced Stuntfest – World Tour will host the Summer of Stunts playtest all weekend long. Head over to the game’s Steam page to request access.

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