Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town – How To Have A Child

One of the great things about Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is that as well as making your grandfather’s old farm a success, you can also settle down and start your own family. There are ten different marriage candidates that you can date, with there being no restrictions based on gender.

Once you have successfully dated a character and seen all ten of their Heart Scenes, culminating in your character marrying them, you then get the option of having a child with them. For everything you need to know about having a child in Pioneers of Olive Town, we’ve got a full guide right here.

Prerequisites to having a Child

In order to have a child with your chosen bachelor or bachelorette, you must have first raised your Friendship Level enough with them to have married them.

Raising your Friendship Level with characters is done by speaking to them and giving them gifts on a daily basis. Once you are married to your chosen character, your Friendship Gauge with them will increase by an additional five hearts, giving you 15 hearts altogether. Continuing to increase your Friendship Level and filling those extra hearts will lead to Heart Scenes regarding your child.

It does not matter what gender you or your partner is, any combination of characters is capable of having children.

Child Heart Scenes

10.5-11 Hearts

  • Location: Your House
  • Time:  (The morning after reaching the required heart number)

In this cutscene, you and your partner will discuss the gender of your child. Whichever choice you make here determines what gender your child will be. If you choose to not have a preference, the gender will be randomly chosen.

11.5-12 Hearts

  • Location: Your House
  • Time: (The morning after reaching the required heart number)

12.5-13 Hearts

  • Location: Your House
  • Time: Return home after 11 pm

13.5-14 Hearts

  • Location: Your House
  • Time: Return home after 7 pm

15 Hearts

  • Location: Your House
  • Time: Randomly occurs once you have seen raised your Friendship Level to 15, have viewed all previous Heart Scenes, and have been married for over two months.

This is the cutscene where you receive your baby from an Earth Sprite and it will happen randomly one morning after the requirements have been met.

Your Child

When the Earth Sprite delivers your child, its features will be randomly generated using a combination of features from your character and your chosen partner, such as hair color and eye color. You will get to choose its name, though be warned that this cannot be changed later.

When your child arrives, it is just a little baby that stays in your home, but it will slowly begin to grow. Here is the growth pattern of your child:

  • 30 days since birth: Becomes a toddler and will crawl around your house.
  • 76 days since birth: Takes first steps.
  • 96 days since birth: Becomes a young child, will begin to eat dinner with you, and will wander around Olive Town during the day.

Once your child reaches the young child stage, it will stop growing. However, there are birthday cutscenes you can view for their birthday each year. Your child will not contribute to farmwork and will simply wander around your farm and Olive Town. They can also appear in other player’s towns as a tourist.

You can speak to your child, but you cannot give them gifts and they will not appear in the Resident Information tab in the menu.

Deleting Your Child

If you change your mind about having a child, there is a way to delete them. However, doing this will also reset your relationship with your spouse to the way it was before you confessed to them on the sixth heart scene.

If you are happy with the consequences of doing this, you can head to the shrine in the north of Olive Town and choose to “Reset Family Status” to remove both your child and marriage.

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