Stellaris On Sale For $1 In Latest Humble Bundle

In the real world, space is a giant, empty space. In Stellaris, space is full of alien species just waiting to be discovered. Some of those species will be ancient, hyper-advanced civilizations that have created utopian societies, while others might be aggressive, militant cabals that will try to exterminate every other species they meet–including yours.

And now you can decide which sort of alien species you’re going to be in Stellaris for just $1 in the Humble Stellaris Discovery Bundle.

For just $1, you get Stellaris, a very good grand strategy game where you begin as a species that recently discovered faster-than-light travel and then uses it to explore the galaxy. You can build your fledgling star-farers any way you like, from peace-loving scientists to xenophobic jerks that just murder everything–although, fair warning, you’ll wind up with more enemies than friends in this crowded galaxy.

Pay $10 into the Stellaris Discovery Bundle and you’ll get three extra DLCs. Utopia unlocks megastructures like Dyson Spheres, ring worlds, and inhabited space stations. Plantoids lets you play or meet new 15 new plant-based sentient species, while Leviathans adds terrifying deep-space monsters that might be guarding ancient treasures.

Pay $15 or more and you’ll unlock four more DLCs that can really change the way you play Stellaris. Synthetic Dawn lets you play as artificial intelligences that have become sentient as either a collective or a group of individuals. Apocalypse unlocks doomsday weapons like planet-destroying cannons, while MegaCorp lets you imagine a capitalist future that doesn’t involve the constant extraction of resources (weird, I know). And Ancient Relics adds precursor civilizations that have left behind messages for those who came after.

Some of those messages might just be ancient poems or stories, but others might be for long-lost technology that could tip the balance of power in the quadrant–provided you devote the scientists to study it.

You can also support some great causes with the Stellaris Discovery Bundle, such as One Warm Coat, a non-profit dedicated to giving everyone a coat, as well as Girls Who Code, a charity dedicated to giving women the computing skills they’ll need to excel in the 21st century.

This bundle is a great way to get into Stellaris and get a civilization ready for the upcoming Nemesis expansion that turns the player into the galaxy-ending crisis. There’s no release date for Stellaris: Nemesis yet, but it’ll likely be soon given that there’s a Steam page up for it.

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