Starfield Will Have Flyable Ships

Starfield is hotly anticipated and Xbox knows it. During today's lengthy Xbox and Bethesda games showcase it left it until the very end to show off more of the eagerly awaited sci -fi title. Todd Howard popped up as more gameplay was shown off and Starfield's spacefaring received some special attention.

Howard revealed that the spaceships in Starfield will be flyable with players taking direct control of their vessels. Piloting off world and into space will be part of Starfield's gameplay, while space combat is another feature as a dogfight in the inky blackness of space was shown off in a trailer.

Showing off in-cockpit views as well as third-person views of your spaceship, you'll be navigating around asteroids and atmospheres in Starfield and piloting to the many systems available in the game. The trailer showed off a variety of landscapes and what seemed like dozens of planets to explore. Starfield looks to be a big ol' game indeed. Check out the trailer below:

In addition, Howard talked through some screens that showed off the customisation that'll be available to players as they add on parts and compartments to their ship. There looked like there were many options for individual pieces available and we are going to hazard a guess that customising, rebuilding, and upgrading your ship will be one of the biggest attractions of Bethesda's hugely ambitious RPG.

The showcase also offered glimpses of the environments players can expect in Starfield and they look as various as you might expect. From icy plains to windswept desert, from lush forest to bleak volcanic valleys, Starfield seems to have a near endless variety on offer as individual planets are free to explore. But one planet is one of many and each will offer their own variety of environments. Is this No Man's Skyrim?

Exploring this variety is perhaps a key feature of Starfield while the spaceships and customisation, of ships and characters, offers the deep levels of roleplaying that Bethesda's RPGs are rightly famed for. Starfield is a tentpole release for Xbox and Game Pass and expectations are increasing. It is predicted to launch in early 2023.

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