Starfield ‘Leak’ Confirms It Will Have Doors, Fans Go Ecstatic

Starfield's delay means we're not going to get much information about the game anytime soon. However, we do know a bit – about Constellation, a robot companion named VASCO, and a few leaked images from development. However, all of that has changed with this latest leak – one that has unearthed all of Bethesda's plans for the space based RPG. Hold on to your flight sticks, because the leak confirms that Starfield will have doors.

While previously leaked images have shown us boring stuff like space installations, and a possible look at the space suit we'll be wearing, this latest leak has given us a look at one of the core features of the game. While this is currently only speculation, from the image it looks like the door will be used by the player to move in and out of a structure of some kind. It's unclear whether it will open horizontally from the middle, or vertically.

It's also theorized that the glass-like transparent material on the door will allow players to look outside without actually physically going outside. Other than that, all we know is that the door will only open for authorized personnel, so unless you've been summoned by the Jarl of Spacerun, you're not getting through.

The comments are filled with fans going gaga over this feature, many of whom have declared Starfield as the Game of the Year despite neither the game nor the year being here yet. "Starfield confirmed to take a 4000 year old invention, and put it into a video game. Truly worth the wait," said one Redditor who evidently had trouble hiding their excitement. "i bet you'll walk through this door at least 10 times," said another, who suspiciously seems to know a lot about how the door works – perhaps they're the leaker?

At any rate, we can speculate all we want, but it's unlikely we'll be hearing anything about these doors until closer to launch. However, eagle eyed fans will be keeping a lookout for more information about these doors – just make sure you keep an eye on the background of Phil Spencer's videos.

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