Stardew Valley: How To Get The Earth Obelisk

It’s easy to spend hours in the mountain region of Stardew Valley. There’s a body of water to do some prime fishing in, a huge quarry of stones and minerals to collect, resident carpenter Robin’s home and shop, the Adventurer’s Guild, and of course the Mines. Many riches and artifacts lay deep within the mines, though so do dangerous monsters. It’s a lucrative activity that keeps players coming back for more, even when they’ve reached the 120th floor.

But it can be a real hassle to take a trip to the mountains; the travel time can annoy players at best and waste precious hours of mining at worst. Is there something to circumvent this? If you read the title, you might guess that the Earth Obelisk has something to do with it, and you’d be right. This magical structure can be placed on your farm and warp you to the Mountains with a single touch. Find out how to get your hands on the Earth Obelisk below.

Complete The Community Center & The Wizard’s Quests

In order to be able to unlock such a useful item like the Earth Obelisk, it will require some progressing in the game first. The Wizard will give you access to his magical book that can create structures on your farm after you’ve helped him obtain his Magic Ink from his ex, the Witch.

This quest is unlocked after the player has completed either the Community Center or the Joja Warehouse. After doing this, walking to the railroad area should trigger the cutscene for the first quest, “Dark Talisman.”

Dark Talisman involves chatting to friendly, sewer-dwelling Krobus, who will tell you that the talisman you need is in the sewer’s Mutant Bug Lair. He’ll unlock it for you and allow you to face the vicious bugs within in order to grab the talisman.

Returning to the railroad cave after getting the talisman triggers “Goblin Problem,” a quest where you’ll have to get the Witch’s Goblin henchman to stop guarding the way. Giving him Void Mayonnaise will do the trick, allowing you to retrieve the Magic Ink.

Gather The Necessary Ingredients

All of the Obelisks require items that are relative to their warping location. The Water Obelisk has Coral and Clams, for example. The Earth Obelisk may be the simplest out of all the Obelisks, requiring only two items for its creation:

  • Iridium Bar x10: Iridium Ore is best found on floors 115-119 of the Mines, as well as cracking open lower level Magma and Omni Geodes.
  • Earth Crystal x10: These are almost exclusively found in the Mountains area of Stardew Valley, most prominently from foraging in levels 1-39 of the Mines.

The Duggies of levels 1-29 also have a 10% chance of dropping Earth Crystals when defeated. Regular Geodes and Omni Geodes will also have a chance of hiding Earth Crystals, and they can pop up from time to time in Fishing Treasure Chests or from Panning.

Have Some Spare Gold

Since this is an arguably late-game item, it’ll cost more than a pretty penny to obtain it.

  • You’ll need 500,000 gold to build the Earth Obelisk, which is actually more reasonable than its former price of 1,000,000 before Update 1.5.

Each Obelisk takes up a space of 3×2 and can be moved anywhere on the farm using the Wizard’s book or Robin’s Carpentry shop.

There are some great farms out there to help give ideas for earning that cash, but most people generally agree that Kegs are the best bang for your buck. Turning Melons, Pumpkins, Starfruit, and Ancient Fruit into wine and juice will rack up money in no time.

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