Stardew Valley Fans Share Heartfelt Messages For Creator ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley players have got together for what is one of the most wholesome stories you'll have heard in 2022, as they've been sharing heartfelt messages for game creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone. Earlier this week, Barone explained that the mobile version of Update 1.5 would take a little bit longer than expected to "ensure quality," apologizing to fans for not hitting the end of year target he and his team had promised.

Instead of responding with anger – something that is all too common these days when games are delayed – Stardew Valley fans went in the opposite direction, putting together a megathread on the game's subreddit thanking Barone for his hard work and explaining how the game has impacted their lives.

For example, u/PurgaznNings explains how Stardew Valley helped them to "escape alcoholism and depression" and that the community was there while their father was in the hospital. Similarly, another user explains how they suffer from PTSD due to their job as a medic and firefighter, and that loading up Stardew Valley after a hard day at work helps them relax, giving their brain a chance to "focus on something that isn’t stressful."

There are lots of similar stories, but there're also a lot people concerned for Barone's health. For example, u/Reason_For_Treason hopes Barone gets to take a break from work and social media, while u/Ok-Ad-9607 says the fanbase can wait for the next update and worries about potential crunch.

The number of messages in the thread goes into the hundreds, so it would be impossible to share them all here. It's just nice to see a community come to together for a good cause, as Stardew Valley fans once again prove that the majority of them are a bunch of good eggs,

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