Stardew Valley: Every Way Of Getting A Battery Pack (And How To Use It)

The world runs on energy. It’s how planet Earth and everyone on it lives their lives, and though it may have magic, monsters, and Dinosaur Eggs, everyone’s favorite farming game Stardew Valley can be surprisingly down to earth. Just take the Battery Pack item, for instance.

This handy item is necessary for the crafting of several electronic/machine-related items, including the Crystalarium, Lamp-posts, and Mini-Jukebox, to name a few. It’s also required in several important quests in the game, so it’s very important to know how to get a good, steady supply of them. Let’s dive right in and see what Battery Packs are all about.

Where To Get A Battery Pack

As of Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update, there are two main ways one can obtain a Battery Pack, though the first way is the most accessible in the early game.

Lightning Rod: This handy device draws lightning during a stormy day and converts it into a Battery Pack full of energy. The rod is the best way of getting Battery Packs, not to mention it will protect your crops and trees from being destroyed! Fruit Trees are temporarily changed into Coal Trees if struck, but they won’t be destroyed. The more Lightning Rods you have on your farm, the more chances you’ll have of intercepting lightning strikes. The placement doesn’t matter, so you can group them all together without fear for your crops.

The Lightning Rod crafting recipe is obtained at level 6 Foraging and requires 1 Iron Bar, 1 Refined Quartz, and 5 Bat Wings. You can also obtain a Lightning Rod as the reward for completing the 10,000 g Bundle in the Vault.

One thing to note: a Rain Totem can only make the next day rainy, unless it is used on a day that is currently stormy. That will cause the next day to be stormy, increasing your Battery Pack haul. Just remember to collect them so the Rods are ready to intercept again!

Solar Panel: This is a new addition to 1.5 that is super handy and looks great on an eco-friendly farm. The Solar Panel will produce 1 Battery Pack for every 7 sunny days it’s placed outside, a great passive way of generating more resources.

Solar Panels are obtainable by completing Caroline’s quest on the Special Order board. Shipping 100 Pineapples, Taro Roots, or Ginger will fulfill her quest requirements and she’ll give you the Solar Panel crafting recipe, which requires 10 Refined Quartz, 5 Iron Bars, and 5 Gold Bars.

Other ways Battery Packs can be obtained are:

  • 5% chance of being dropped after slaying an Iridium Bat
  • Randomly sold by the Traveling Cart for 1,500-2,500 g
  • Rare drop from breaking boxes/crates in the Skull Cavern
  • Possible gift from Pam and Kent in the mail (chance increases as their friendship level increases)


Like most other items, the Battery Pack can be given as a gift to other characters, but there’s actually only one character who loves receiving the item: Maru. This makes sense (along with her love of Gold and Iridium Bars) due to her gadget-building and love of technology. Every other character in the game Dislikes the Battery Pack, meaning it’s usually best to keep them for yourself instead of giving a disappointing gift.


The Battery Pack is vital for building up an efficient and profitable farm because of the many crafting recipes it is needed for, the full list of which follows:

  • Iridium Sprinkler: This is a crucial item that players scramble to get as fast as possible since it allows you to maximize your crop production by watering 24 adjacent tiles instead of 8. The recipe unlocks upon reaching level 9 in Farming and requires 1 Battery Park, 1 Gold Bar, and 1 Iridium Bar.
  • Crystalarium: This can be a huge money-maker if you’re able to produce a lot of Crystalariums. They replicate whatever gem is put inside them after a certain period on in-game time. Diamonds are the most profitable to copy, while replicating Quartz will give you a steady influx of Refined Quartz resources. The Crystalarium crafting recipe is unlocked at Mining level 9 and requires 1 Battery Park, 99 Stone, 5 Gold Bars, and 2 Iridium Bars.
  • Slime Egg-Press: Raising Slimes can be a fun and rewarding job, especially when you can convert their slime droppings into more Slime Eggs! By putting 100 Slime pieces into this Egg-Press, it will produce a randomly-colored Slime Egg after 21 hours in-game. The odds for stronger slime colors are rarer, but not impossible! This unlocks after reaching Combat level 6 and requires 1 Battery Pack, 25 Coal, and 1 Fire Quartz to make.
  • Wood Lamp-post: This stylish light source is great for your farm house or sheds. The lamp takes 1 Battery Pack and 50 Wood and the recipe is purchasable at Robin’s Carpenter Shop for 500 g.
  • Iron Lamp-post: This is functionally the same as the Wood Lamp-post but is made of 1 Battery Pack and 1 Iron Bar instead. The recipe is also available at Robin’s for 1,000 g.
  • Mini-Jukebox: Once players reach 5 hearts with Gus, leaving the farmhouse between 6-11:30 am (on a non-rainy day) will trigger a cutscene where Gus gives the player the Mini-Jukebox crating recipe. This handy device acts just like the Saloon’s Jukebox, but can be placed anywhere on the farm to provide you with your most favorite Stardew Valley tunes! It won’t work in the rain, but it will provide great music, and all it takes is 2 Iron Bars and 1 Battery Pack.
  • Farm Computer: This nifty item won’t give you internet access, but it will give valuable information about your farm, such as amount of Hay, Forageable items, machines finished working, and even which crops are ready to be harvested. You’ll be given the recipe (which requires 1 Battery Pack, 1 Dwarf Gadget, and 10 Refined Quartz) by Demetrius after completing his Special Order, which involves catching 10 fish of a random kind.


The Battery Pack is used in several quests, including ones that unlock major content in the game.

The Mysterious Qi: The Battery Pack is the one item required to begin this questline by putting the Battery Pack in the lockbox of the bus stop tunnel. This eventually leads to unlocking the Casino in Desert Oasis.

Willy’s Boat: This event will occur after the player finishes the Community Center of Jojamart. Willy sends the player a letter to see his old boat, which they can then fix in order to sail it to the Fern Islands for 1,000 g. The boat requires 5 Iridium Bars, 200 Hardwood, and 5 Battery Packs.

Pam Needs Juice: This quest will come in the mail on Fall 19th of Year 2, with Pam requesting a Battery Pack for her dead TV remote. You’ll get 400 g and 1 Friendship heart for your efforts.


Another few feature included in the 1.5 update is certain Advanced Game Options, such as the ability to “Remix” the Community Center Bundles. This involves a mix of Permanent and Random bundles, so every playthrough will be slightly different, but guaranteed to be more difficult than the normal version. One of the Random bundles is the Engineer’s Bundle, which requires Iridium Ore, 5 Refined Quartz, and 1 Battery Pack to complete. Truly, the Battery Pack is indispensable during a playthrough of the game.

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