Square Enix To Premiere A New Game From Eidos-Montreal During E3 2021, Give An Update On Babylon’s Fall

Square Enix today announced it will be holding its E3 show on June 13 at 12:15 PT, giving fans a closer look at Babylon’s Fall and premiering a new game from Eidos-Montreal. Viewers will also get a few more details about Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther expansion along with a deep dive into Life is Strange: True Colors.

The Square Enix Presents showcase will run for approximately 40 minutes – and we’re hoping most of that is dedicated to showing off the new project from Eidos-Montreal and Babylon’s Fall. Eidos-Montreal is rumored to be working on a Guardians of the Galaxy game, although Square Enix has been pretty tightlipped with the project. Here’s hoping June 13 brings us a bit of gameplay footage for the unannounced game and a closer look at what Babylon’s Fall actually is.

Here’s the full rundown of what to expect during Square Enix’s E3 2021 presentation:

  • The world premiere of a new game from Eidos-Montréal
  • An exciting update on BABYLON’S FALL™
  • Details about Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther- War for Wakanda and updates on upcoming in-game events
  • A deep dive on Life is Strange: True Colors™ and a first look at Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

Although Marvel’s Avengers didn’t perform as well as Square would have hoped, that hasn’t seemed to deter them from working on a similar Guardians of the Galaxy game. A recent report claims the rumors are likely true, and that Eidos-Montreal isn’t hard at work on another Deus Ex – but is instead focused on a new superhero game.

At any rate, we don’t have to wait much longer to find out the truth about the project. June 13 is just around the corner, and regardless of what Eidos has in store, it’ll be great to learn more about Babylon’s Fall and get a closer look at Life is Strange: True Colors. If you’re still playing Marvel’s Avengers, the Black Panther expansion might be another fun announcement – although the game is still struggling to keep its community engaged.

Square Enix Presents will air on June 13 at 12:15 PT.

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