Square Enix Shares More Details On FF7 Remake’s Version Of Avalanche HQ And Weiss

Square Enix is really hyping the upcoming Yuffie episode for Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade. After its initial reveal at State of Play earlier this year, the developer has been pretty open with information concerning the DLC. Earlier this week it announced the official title of the DLC, EPISODE INTERmission, and now it’s giving even more details concerning the characters involved in this new episode and what their motives may be.

The brand-new PS5-exclusive episode of the beloved game will follow Yuffie’s mission of stealing powerful materia from the Shinra Electric Power Company. Yuffie and her partner Sonon are two of Wutai’s most elite operatives that have been tasked with the dangerous quest. They are working closely with Avalanche HQ, the mysterious team glimpsed in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

While Yuffie is a familiar character to fans of the franchise, Sonon is new to the mix. He is described as a warrior from Wutai who trained closely under Yuffie’s father. After experiencing the devastation that his country’s war with Shinra caused, he holds deep resentment for the company and gladly accompanies Yuffie on this mission. His serious attitude is the perfect balance to Yuffie’s more playful personality.

The episode will also introduce Weiss to the fray. Known as “Weiss the Immaculate”, he is the sadistic ruler of Shinra’s top-secret underground research facility known as Deepground. Due to an overwhelming fear of his strength, Shinra has restrained him to a throne deep within the confines of the facility where he bides his time, waiting to exact revenge.

Square Enix has also offered information on Avalanche HQ, the main branch of Avalanche, the group of planetologists who want to stop Shinra’s exploitation of the planet. While Barret’s subsection of Avalanche is a bit more dramatic in their attempts to stop Shinra, Avalanche HQ is more peaceful in their approach. They have agreed to help Wutai in their new mission. Among this group are: Zhijie, the point of contact for Yuffie’s mission; Nayo, the member that overlooks the splinter cells and is in charge of ID’s that will allow Yuffie into the company; Billy Bob, A heavy-drinker and experienced member of the group that is constantly gathering surveillance; and Polk, the youngest and newest member of Avalanche HQ.

All of these characters will collide when EPISODE INTERmission becomes available on June 10. While the PlayStation 5 upgrade of Final Fantasy 7: Remake will be free for those who already own the game, this new episode will be a separate purchase for everyone.

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