SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Sticky Note Location Guide

Near the beginning of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, SpongeBob and Patrick do significant damage to Bikini Bottom. It's a mistake that they spend the rest of the game trying to fix. However, in the meantime, what's left of the place serves as the game's hub world. And you're free to roam around the destroyed town.

Along the way, you can find things like sticky notes to collect. These notes belong to Patrick, and they contain special messages that the lovable oath has written to himself. Because of the protagonist's previously mentioned actions, they're all over Bikini Bottom. Here's how to find each one.

Sticky Note One

You can get the first note immediately after completing the Wild West Jellyfish Fields world. Simply head up the hill to the left of the Krusty Krab to find a big red button.

Ground pound it to make a bunch of flying platforms appear.

Jump across them all to reach a water tower.

Behind the tower, you will find the sticky note atop a box.

Sticky Note Two

Once you gain the karate kick ability from the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom world, you can acquire this second sticky note. To do so, head to Sandy's house.

Around the right side of the building is a purple button with a karate kick icon on it. Do a Ground pound on it to spawn a bunch of balloons.

Unlike Patrick, these balloons are made for karate kicking. So, hit them all in quick succession to ascend to the top of the cliff.

Up there lies a few jelly enemies.

Wipe them all out to make the note appear.

Sticky Note Three

To pick up this note, you must head behind Squidward's house, which you can't do until finishing Pirate Goo Lagoon. Once there, hit the button with a bubble to spawn a trampoline.

Use that to get to the top of Squidward's house. It seems you must land on the large skeleton sitting on his house and then jump to the top from there.

When you're at the summit, hit the next bubble button to spawn another button and an extra platform.

Keep hitting the buttons to create a path of platforms that lead you to a sticky note.

Sticky Note Four

This is also one that you can get after completing Pirate Goo Lagoon. To reach it, you first need to use the slingshot that appears in front of SpongeBob's house.

The mechanism launches you to the top of the Chum Bucket. Once there, do a ground pound on the purple button with a hook on it.

This makes an assault course appear in the air alongside a timer. You must complete the course using all the skills you've learned during the game thus far.

If you make it to the end in time, the sticky note will still be there.

Sticky Note Five

After Halloween Rock Bottom, you may notice several large light bulbs in the area behind SpongeBob's house. Follow each of their wires to the buttons you have to ground pound.

Once you do, you spawn a slingshot between the bulbs. Use it to fire yourself onto a ghostly ship.

Residing there is a bunch of jelly enemies.

Defeat them all to spawn the next sticky note. Then walk off the ship to get it.

Sticky Note Six

To get this next sticky note, you first need to beat the Prehistoric Kelp Forest world. When you do, head up the hill to the left of Krusty Krab – behind the button for sticky note one. At the location, you will find a purple button next to some water.

Once again, you must do a ground pound on it, which triggers a timer and bubble surfboard. Leap on the board and follow the course.

Make sure to fly through all the other surfboards to keep yours going. If you finish the course in time, a sticky note will appear.

Sticky Note Seven

You can only acquire this note when you've completed the Medieval Sulfur Fields world. Once you do, get on the unicorn seahorse next to Pearl's house.

While riding it, go through the archway next to where you found the creature to trigger a time trial.

It tasks you with racing through all the checkpoints atop the unicorn. When you go through the last one, the sticky note will appear in front of you.

Sticky Note Eight

This sticky note is atop Mrs. Puff's boating school. Late in the game – just before entering the last world – she gets captured and is hanging from the top of the school. You must take out the jellyfish to make a trampoline drop-down.

When you go back later, you can use this trampoline to reach the venus flytrap-like platforms that'll be on your left as you're in the air.

Then follow the path around and bounce up to the roof. From there, you can glide into the note.

Sticky Note Nine

You can only get the last sticky note after completing Jelly Glove World. During that world, you learn how to use the Reef Blower. It just so happens that one of them is near SpongeBob's house. To be more specific, it's to the right of the cemetery behind his pineapple. Pick it up and suck up some jelly.

When you're full, use the nearby trampoline. At the height of your jump, fire at the large collection of blocks sitting there. This gives you access to another trampoline.

Use this one to reach the area above, which contains several enemies. With the Reef Blower, suck a few up and fire at the one holding the bathtub.

Then do the same thing to the next large creature that spawns. Once they're both down, the final sticky note will appear.

Return The Notes Back To Patrick's House

Once you have all the notes, you must head back to Patrick's house for your reward. Once you do, you get a cutscene and a gold coin.

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