Splinter Cell prototype was tested ahead of E3 2021 – played like Hitman

Ubisoft was apparently testing out a Splinter Cell prototype back in the summer, one that took inspiration from the Hitman games.

After eight long years, Ubisoft could finally be answering fan demands with a new, honest-to-goodness Splinter Cell game, giving Sam Fisher a new mission rather than consigning him only to cameo status in mobile and live service games.

Ubisoft itself hasn’t officially announced anything, but another report, this time from GamesBeat, says that Ubisoft was already considering bringing the series back earlier this year.

According to GamesBeat’s information, Ubisoft had made a prototype for a potential Splinter Cell game and tested it with players in the weeks running up to E3 2021, as well as the Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time remake, which has been indefinitely delayed to 2022.

The prototype wasn’t particularly long, only covering a basic tutorial section, but apparently, while it retained the Splinter Cell action fans know and love, it featured some elements inspired by the more recent Hitman games.

This actually makes some degree of sense as both games have a strong emphasis on stealth and picking off enemies from the shadows while being as silent as possible, as opposed to engaging in loud gunfights.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that is what fans can expect from any future Splinter Cell game. It was only a prototype so the final product could turn out markedly different. Plus, Ubisoft may have greenlit a different kind of Splinter Cell altogether.

With how neglected the series has been up to this point, a new Splinter Cell would undoubtedly be welcomed by fans; although Ubisoft will probably end up creating more bad publicity than good if it ends up being Splinter Cell in name only.

In lieu of a tangible new game, fans do have the Splinter Cell Netflix show to look forward to. There’s been no news on the project since its announcement last year, though, and all fans really know is that it will be animated and is being written by the same man who wrote John Wick.

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