Spider-Man 2 PS5 rumours talk Venom, Carnage, and Miles Morales

Rumours have emerged about what Sony has planned for their second Spider-Man game, including new villains, settings, and gameplay mechanics.

Nobody has ever said anything official about a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man but it’s so obvious it’s going to happen you might as well pre-order it now.

Not only did the game do incredibly well but Sony ended up buying developer Insomniac. Although perhaps most importantly the game is full of story hooks for a sequel, especially regarding Venom.

The game has quite a different take on a number of characters (it is absolutely not set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and what exactly is going on with Venom was not initially clear, but these rumours from Reddit seem to lay out the basics. So do not read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled.



The rumours start by saying that the sequel is aiming for a release next autumn, with a reveal this summer, which seems plausible enough.

The story is supposedly set around six months after the first game, during the winter, with Peter Parker living with MJ but still mourning the death of Aunt May.

Meanwhile, Oscorp is attempting to create a super soldier programme using cloned DNA, which, naturally, goes wrong and spawns a bunch of new villains.

But while Eddie Brock, the traditional host for Venom, is in the game and has a major role it is Harry Osborn (traditionally one of the people to take up the mantle of Green Goblin) who will become Venom.

Carnage and Mysterio are also in the game, but it’s unclear if they’re created by the super solider programme.


In terms of good guys, Miles Morales, who gained spider powers at the end of the first game, will be playable, although it hasn’t been decided yet if you’ll be able to explore the open world environment as him.

Apparently, there are no plans for online co-op but you will be able to switch to play as other characters in a manner similar to Arkham Knight, although no other hero except Miles is mentioned.

The game will supposedly also take in Queens and Brooklyn, which generally has less skyscrapers than Manhattan, and there’ll be ‘new gameplay mechanics’ to adapt to that.

There’ll be three swinging styles though: one that’s very realistic and similar to Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation 2, a simplified one, and a mix of the two that’s basically the same as the last game.

There’ll also be a new ‘Web-Chain’ mechanic, where you can instantly zip from one point to another, similar to previous Spider-Man games.

As ever, this could all be completely made up but it’s all very plausible and we’d certainly be surprised if the game wasn’t announced by the end of the year.


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