Speedrunners Are Organizing An Emergency Gaming Marathon For A Struggling Dog Shelter

"Do you like marathons?" GRBow's Reddit post opened. "Do you want to -literally- save a charity? No Glitches Allowed is doing an emergency fundraiser for their charity [GO Rescue] which is having serious trouble."

GO Rescue is a "small dog shelter in [Virginia]" and has had support from No Glitches Allowed "since the start." However, it's in a dire state and in need of funding, so No Glitches Allowed is holding a speedrun marathon from July 29 to 31 with submissions to join in closing on July 21. After that, the games list and schedule will go up. "Glitches, showcases, etc., are all welcome."

There are also no limits to how many submissions you can send in, but you have to be 13 or older to participate. If accepted, you'll be invited to join the marathon by July 27. It'll be raising money to help keep the charity afloat but you can also donate directly through its website if you want to help out and can't make it to the stream.

"Our rescue centre provides a safe haven for homeless dogs, giving them the time, care, and love they need to find the right home, not just any home," the about us section of GO Rescue's website reads. The charity is all about taking in stray and homeless dogs to find them a new home. If you're in the area, you can even apply to adopt a dog from the shelter.

While it's accepting donations with the new speedrunning marathon pooling together funds to help keep GO Rescue afloat, you can also sign up to volunteer on its website if you want to get hands-on with supporting the dogs. You can also check out a wish list on its site for supplies that it needs, all via Amazon.

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