South Korea Is Really Into Pokemon Bread

Pokemon celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year, and its creators tried to get its creations onto just about everything to celebrate. There are now Pokemon Oreos and official Pokemon Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They join a world in which you can already buy Pikachu-themed- sparkling cider, and even Pokemon milk. That's regular milk in a Pokemon carton by the way, not milk taken from an actual Pokemon.

Turns out you can even get Pokemon Bread, and its long-awaited return to South Korea earlier this year has whipped fans up into a frenzy. Pokemon Bread went back on sale in Korea last month and according to Nintendo Life, more than 1.5 million packs have been sold already. At 1500 won, roughly $1.22, that's an awful lot of money being generated by The Pokemon Company's baked good division.

$1.22 actually sounds like a pretty good deal for a loaf of bread, except Pokemon isn't giving you a load of bread. It would appear each pack contains just one piece, and it isn't entirely clear whether the bread is actually any good. As you can see from the excited Pokemon fans in the video below, people aren't buying Pokemon bread for the bread anyway. They're buying millions of pieces for the stickers that come with them.

Judging by the packaging, Pokemon Bread only includes stickers of the original 151 Pokemon. It's also unclear whether some are rarer than others. There's certainly a lot of excitement from the bread-buying YouTubers when they find a Blastoise, seemingly because they already have a Squirtle and a Wartortle and that completes the evolutionary line. According to someone living in Japan, Pokemon Bread is a big deal there too, and Slowpoke and Psyduck are the hardest stickers to find. Oh, and the bread doesn't taste great either apparently, but no one seems to be all that fussed about that.

While a little odd, watching Pokemon fans excitedly open packs of bread is a refreshing change from what is quickly become a wilder and wilder Pokemon TCG scene. Prices for rare Pokemon cards continue to go through the roof and beyond, with a single Pikachu Illustrator card selling for $900,000 earlier this month. Stick to stickers, at least you get a snack with it, even if it does taste terrible.

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