Sonic Frontiers Devs Feel Adding Movie Elements "Doesn’t Really Work Well"

The Sonic video game series is in a weird place right now. The classic IP seemed like it was past its heyday until the movies came out, which in turn, have whetted appetites for another game. So, that brings up the question – will Sonic Frontiers feature elements from the movies? Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka thinks that wouldn't work well.

“Because the movie Sonic came from where the game started, trying to take the movie qualities and stick it back into the games doesn’t really work well,” said Iizuka in a conversation with VGC.

“What I want to do is stay faithful to our game Sonic and really expand on the game Sonic to incorporate new ideas that are going to get people excited about new games," he continued. “In our mobile games, we do have ‘Movie Sonic’ appearing as a guest character, and that kind of collaboration feels really good because there are people who saw the movie and only understand the character through that.

“But the game Sonic is really the core essence of the character, so instead of trying to take the movie and put it inside of the game, I really wanted to expand on the game to make it appealing to everyone.”

However, Iizuka is aware that the movies have been massively successful, and have also reignited interest in the Blue Blur. He feels that they have allowed Sonic Frontiers to target a much wider audience. Younger audiences, who have perhaps never played the games but were introduced to the hedgehog via the movies, may not be able to relate to'video game Sonic', so it does present a slight challenge.

“I think having Movie Sonic as a guest character is viable and certainly something that we’re going to do, but keeping the essence and core of Sonic in the games and then expanding out is probably what I’d prefer to do, rather than try to shoehorn in [the movie].”

Iizuka is confident of Sonic Frontiers though, and feels that the game is unlike any other. When comparisons were made with Breath of the Wild, he said, "Because they don’t understand what this new gameplay is, they’re kind of comparing it to other games that they already know".

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