Someone Made A Third-Person Mod For Resident Evil Village

Another day, another Resident Evil Village mod. This time, players are able to traverse the sinister village in third-person. That’s right, the back of Ethan Winter’s head has never looked better.

A new mod from creator FluffyQuack puts the normally first-person shooter into the traditional third-person perspective. Players are given an over-the-shoulder look as vicious Lycans, deranged mutants, and the ever-popular Lady D attempt to murder poor Ethan. You can check out a video of what the mod is capable of below;

While the mod is currently available for download, there are a few limitations according to FluffyQuack. Noting that this mod is “rather janky,” the creator listed a few of the issues that users should be aware of over on their Patreon. They include:

  • Can only be applied to the International release of Village.
  • Will stop working if/when Village is patched and a new mod will need to be created.
  • If camera is too high or too low, interacting with objects become difficult.
  • If you shoot without aiming, then the character will not face the right way.
  • Camera position while using the sniper rifle if a bit off.
  • Crouching looks really bad. Crouching while moving and aiming looks worse
  • Animations often look goofy as the game was not built for third-person
  • Weird stuttering movements with character as you begin moving
  • The camera can easily “clip” through walls.

Of course, many fans of the Capcom horror series will find these “limitations” worth it. After all, the series utilized a third-person perspective for almost all of the titles leading up to Resident Evil 7 where Ethan and a first-person view were introduced. Many fans were disappointed with the change in perspective, though Resident Evil 7’s popularity proved that the change didn’t hurt the series too bad. Plus with Village having sold over 4 million copies, it seems people are enjoying the world through Ethan Winter’s eyes.

This mod is just one in a long line of mods that have popped up for Village since its release. From changing Lady Dimitrescu into Thomas the Tank Engine to putting Chris Redfield’s head on baby Rose’s body, modders are having a field day with Village.

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