Someone Has Modded A Nugget Holder Onto Their Steam Deck

If you're one of the lucky few that has managed to get their hands on a Steam Deck, lucky you, and now the wait for accessories like a dock begins. One Steam Deck accessory is already out there, though. However, there only appears to be one in existence, and if you're not a big fan of chicken nuggets, well, it's probably not for you.

The latest must-have accessory for any self-respecting Steam Deck owner is a chicken nugget holder that slips neatly into the elastic strap on the console's case. Created by sealcouch (thanks, PCGamesN), the proud owner of what appears to be the only Steam Deck nugget holder in existence has showcased exactly how it works and shown off the console's lunchbox in action on Reddit.

Sealcouch settles in for a Steam Deck session but before firing up their console, they reach over to its case and pull out what is soon revealed to be a small plastic lunch box. If you didn't already know what was waiting inside, the world-famous golden arches embossed on the top should have been a dead giveaway. They then crack that bad boy open and inside are four chicken nuggets complete with dipping sauce.

To complete the experience, sealcouch then reveals what they will be playing while eating their nuggs. McDonald's Treasure Island Adventure working on their Steam Deck via a Mega Drive emulator. Reactions to the accessory have been mixed. While McDonald's fans are keen to know where they can get their own, others consider it blasphemy that someone would eat such greasy food while gaming.

Where exactly sealcouch got their nugget holder isn't clear, although they do reference 3D printing which might mean the accessory is homemade. If so, it seems unlikely that this will be something that becomes widely available. On the bright side, Valve showed off the Deck's dock at Tokyo Game Show last week, hopefully indicating it will be available soon.

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