Sniper Elite 5: 8 Hardest Achievements To Get

Sniper Elite 5 is all about providing the ultimate challenge for snipers. Apart from headhunting, hunting for achievements is the next best thing. Out of all the 61 achievements, some of which you will unlock naturally as you progress through the campaign, some require a lot of skill and patience.

Some of these achievements have not been seen in a Sniper Elite game before, such as killing 150 enemies using the iron sights of your rifle, which is a new feature. Other achievements should be familiar to fans of the franchise, such as shooting Hitler in the testicle (yes, really!). Here are the 8 most challenging achievements in Sniper Elite 5.

Spoiler warning, some of these descriptions contain spoilers from the campaign's story!

8 Can't Outrun A Bullet

In the final mission of this game, fittingly called Loose Ends, you are given the task of assassinating Obergruppenfuhrer Abelard Möller. This mission is both short and linear. Your only option is to take Möller out from a large distance.

The achievement to kill him at a distance of 600 meters or more is less challenging than it may sound. Especially if you are using a rifle with a high-power scope. On lower difficulties, you may even use the empty lung ability to simply take aim and wait until your crosshair turns red.

7 Master Of Pistols

The Master of Pistols achievement is not very challenging, but it is time-consuming. It requires you to get 50 ghost kills with each of the six pistols. This means you need to kill enemies silently, either by using sound-masking or suppressed ammo.

Since this is a game about sniping, a lot of players may only use the pistol in exceptional circumstances or as a last resort. So, if you want this achievement, the best way is to play through the campaign and actively use your pistol as often as possible. Try and see the pistol as your primary weapon and the sniper rifle as your backup, and you will obtain this achievement in no time. It also makes for a fun playthrough to boot.

6 Out Of Scope

Just like the Master of Pistols achievement, this achievement is mainly about dedication and time. If you are looking to shake things up and replay the campaign differently, try aiming (geddit?) for this achievement. All you need to do is use a rifle while in iron sights, and avoid using your scope altogether. This makes for a surprisingly fun change of pace.

After your 150th kill using iron sights, the achievement should pop up. If you do not want to replay the campaign, another option is to launch a survival map and play as many rounds as you need until you can get the achievement.

5 Das Familienjuwel

This achievement should be a familiar sight to those of you who played any of the previous Sniper Elite games. One hilarious constant in every game is that Hitler always loses his testicle. Obtaining this achievement in Sniper Elite 5 is a bit easier than in Sniper Elite 4.

During the mission Wolf Mountain, if you keep left while heading towards the mansion, you can follow a narrow path from where you can see Hitler arrive by car. From here, you have a clear shot. If you do it well, you can simultaneously obtain other achievements for killing Hitler without being detected and without killing anyone else.

4 Sight Beyond Sights

Similar to the Can't Outrun A Bullet achievement, for this achievement you need to assassinate Abelard Möller in the final mission of the campaign. Rather than just taking him out from a long distance, you are now only allowed to use a rifle while in iron sights.

Since you cannot get close to Möller and have to shoot him from a large distance, obtaining this achievement is a lot more challenging than it may appear. You can make it easier for yourself however by lowering the difficulty and using your binoculars to tag Möller and then shoot him without moving your crosshair.

3 Enemy At The Gates

For this achievement, you need to defeat a Sniper Jäger who has invaded your campaign. The invasion mechanic is entirely new to Sniper Elite 5 and one of its most challenging and fun additions. It allows another player to join your ongoing campaign as an enemy sniper. It can be compared to the Drop-In Battles system that was present in some Total War games.

The difficulty of this achievement depends entirely on the skill level of the player who is invading. It can be a cakewalk or an intense struggle. On the bright side, you will always receive a warning when an invader appears in your game, so you can at least prepare accordingly.

2 Master-at-arms

For the second-hardest achievement in the game, you need to master each weapon. This means getting over 50 headshots with every sniper rifle from a distance of at least 100 meters, getting 50 ghost kills with each pistol, and getting 150 kills with each secondary gun. There are several ways to go about this. One is to simply use a lot of different guns throughout the campaign and to play several survival missions.

Another option is to find levels that are well suited to getting a lot of kills quickly and play them over and over again. A good example of this is the final mission in the campaign where you assassinate Möller. If you ignore your target and instead snipe everyone in the courtyard, you can quickly master each sniper rifle.

1 Best Of The Best

For the hardest achievement of Sniper Elite 5, you need to complete the entire campaign on Authentic difficulty. Unfortunately, the Authentic Plus difficulty from Sniper Elite 4 does not make an appearance in this game.

Nonetheless, Authentic difficulty in Sniper Elite 5 is still a big hurdle, with its more aggressive AI, and various factors that affect your shot, such as wind and distance. The best part is that playing on Authentic turns the game into one of the best stealth shooters available, which some may call the true Sniper Elite experience.

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