Smash World Tour Tournament Series To Feature 25 Events And $250,000 Prize Pool

Super Smash Bros. will finally be getting its own competitive tour with 25 events and a $250,000 prize pool. This is fantastic news for the game’s enormous fanbase who’ve been frustrated that it hasn’t been able to match other big titles like Tekken and Street Fighter on the competitive scene.

VGBootCamp, one of the largest livestream Smash Bros. broadcasters, is teaming up with Twitch and to organize the Smash World Tour 2020. The worldwide series will combine both the Melee and Ultimate scenes and will be similar to the Tekken World Tour and the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour. Each event will have a different tier based on the number of competitors and attendants. The tiers are  Platinum, Gold, or Silver with Platinum being the highest. The higher the tier, the more points the competitors can earn in the event.

“Between Platinum, Gold, and Silver tournaments, players can earn points from community events all over the world. At the end of the year, the competitors with the most points will be flown out for the SWT Championships (December 17-20th), with over a combined $250,000 on the line,” says the official Smash World Tour Page. “Players can earn points from both the largest Smash events in the world and their local weeklies – our goal is that the Smash World Tour encourages growth at every event level!”

The tour will run from March until December. Players will compete for points during the year and placement will be based on the competitor’s top three Platinum, Gold, and Silver events. In the end, the top 31 players will get to battle it out in the World Tour Finals on December 17 and win a share of the $250,000 prize pool.

It’s fantastic that members of the Smash Bros community have come together to make things happen, but at the moment, there’s still no official support from Nintendo. “As of now, The Smash World Tour is not associated or affiliated with Nintendo or Nintendo of America – though we hope to team up with them in the future.” Coincidently, this comes after several players recently criticized Nintendo for their lack of support.

With or without Nintendo’s support, the circuit is a much-needed boost for the competitive Smash Bros scene and hopefully, it will expand the fanbase even further.

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