Skyrim Player Ties Nazeem Up And Uses Him As A Weapon

We've killed Nazeem, sent him to prison for tax evasion, turned him into the Jarl, and replaced every NPC with him—we've had Nazeem fever since 2011, with some (read: nobody) saying that he's the reason Skyrim has lasted as long as it has. But, instead of bashing his head in for a change, one player has used Nazeem to bash other heads in.

The video shows OP Negative-Juan killing Nazeem in front of Whiterun's poor bystanders to harvest his leather. With Nazeem's leather and clothes in hand, they take a trip to the blacksmith to craft their new weapon—a Nazeem warhammer aptly named "Weaponized Nazeem". It weighs 50, deals 500 damage, and is worth nothing.

And that 500 damage isn't emotional like telling everyone who wanders in off the road that they don't get to the Cloud District very often—it is 50 weight units (whatever they are) worth of Nazeem barelling at you with the might of the Dragonborn. And to keep Nazeem from flopping about or resisting, he's restrained, tied up nice and snug.

This mod shares the same title as the Reddit video and the warhammer itself—Weaponized Nazeem—and comes in two parts. One is without Immersive Equipment Display, meaning you can kill Nazeem and loot it directly, and the other is with IED, meaning you have to craft the weapon by killing Nazeem and looting his… leather. I don't want to know. Are we killing him, resurrecting him with his skin, then tying him up and using him as a warhammer? Again, I don't want to know.

If you want to "improve" your Nazeem, you can temper him with Fine Clothes. This means you'll do even more damage, so that your "enemies go to the cloud district".

And the aim of this mod, the very reason for its existence, is to finally "Make Nazeem useful". Now we just need to see a Nazeem-only run topped off with Alduin getting smacked around by Skyrim's finest.

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