Skyheim Mod Brings Skyrim’s Magic Spells To Valeim

Valheim is great and all, but you know what it really needs? A little bit of magic to go along with all the Viking swords and axes. For now, it seems that vanilla Valheim will retain a muggle existence, but thankfully, a brand new mod provides magic-inclined Vikings with access to the arcane arts.

Appropriately called Skyheim, we’ve got Nexus Mods user makzimus to thank for this innovative mod that brings some familiar spells to the world of Valheim.

“Skyheim is a magic mod aimed at providing balanced progression and a reason to go back and slay bosses,” writes makzimus. The key here to unlocking your innate magical powers is to kill Valheim’s bosses and steal their loot. Each boss-specific item drop is the key ingredient to crafting a magical rune that will let you cast magic spells that range from the explosive to the otherworldly.

You’ll also need to grab some Dungeon loot to craft these runes too, so don’t expect to murder Eikthyr and immediately start throwing fireballs.

Tier one spells, unlocked after killing the first boss, include Frostbolt, Firebolt, Healing, and Light. These should all be familiar to any Skyrim players, so we’re not going to go into each of them. Tier two spells arrive with the second boss’s drop and provide the Force, Invigorate, and Warmth runes. Force is like Jedi force push, whereas Invigorate gives you additional stamina and stamina regen. Warmth provides cold resistance and some minor health and stamina regen.

Tier three provides Recall (like a hearthstone), Travel (increased movement at the cost of mana), and Blink (15m teleport range).

Tier four provides Frost Nova and Immolate, your two big AOE damage spells, and Glacial Spike arrives at tier five for some big piercing cold damage. Most of these mods are upgradeable, too, so you can keep farming bosses to keep enhancing your magical powers.

Check out the video above for a more detailed explanation of how everything works. You can download Skyheim over on NexusMods or Keep in mind you’ll need BepInEx first before you can get the mod to work.

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