Silent Hill: 10 Most Memorable Quotes

The eponymous Silent Hill is a town shrouded in mystery, whether that be in regard to its cultist history or the effect it can have on people needing to overcome internal battles. The series has gained a reputation for its incredible storylines and memorable characters that each stand out in their respective games.

There are lots of memorable moments in the series that have given life to many iconic quotes that are just as unforgettable. When it comes to quotes, the Silent Hill series has something to offer on either end of the spectrum, ranging from humor to spine-chilling self reflection.

10 "It Was Foretold By Gyromancy." (Silent Hill)

Dahlia Gillespie

Gyromancy is the practice of spinning or walking around a circle to foretell the future. Another one of Silent Hill’s unintentionally funny lines, this quote, said by Dahlia Gillespie, has remained memorable to fans because of its theatrical delivery and implications.

The image of Dahlia spinning in a circle to predict Harry’s arrival is humorous, to say the least, and a welcomed change from the game’s darker subject matter. This line is one of the most quotable in the series because of its absurd nature.

9 "But You're Wrong… It's Not My Birthday." (Silent Hill 3)

Heather Mason

This quote is the perfect example of the Silent Hill series taking a creepy moment and making it memorable, thanks to Heather’s nonchalant response. After answering the phone, Heather is treated to a round of unnerving birthday wishes from a mysterious caller.

Despite the creepy nature of this phone call, Heather takes it in her stride and simply responds that it’s not her birthday. Although this blunt response is humorous, it also shows Heather’s strength, as she’s not affected by this strange interaction and simply moves on.

8 ''There Was A HOLE Here. It's Gone Now.'' (Silent Hill 2)

Silent Hill

This is one of the most memorable quotes from Silent Hill 2 because of how well it represents Silent Hill’s ominous atmosphere and the struggles of its protagonist, James Sunderland. The vague nature of this quote has led many fans to theorize about what it could really mean.

In a literal sense, the quote could be referring to the fact there’s no physical hole here anymore, but in a figurative sense, it could represent the hole in James’ life when Mary became ill. Now that Mary’s gone, there’s no hole anymore, as James has repressed his memories, alongside his emotions.

7 "They Look Like Monsters To You?" (Silent Hill 3)

Vincent Smith

This quote, said by Vincent to Heather in Silent Hill 3, has become infamous among Silent Hill fans due to its sinister implications. There’s a debate between fans on the true meaning behind this quote, although Vincent brings up a good point, as when it comes to the denizens of Silent Hill, the lines between human and monster often blur.

Because of Vincent’s personality and antagonistic nature, it’s most likely that he’s only trying to get a reaction out of Heather by saying this. The delivery of this line has meant that the quote has remained memorable, however.

6 "If You Really Want To See Mary, You Should Just Die, But You Might Be Heading To A Different Place Than Mary, James." (Silent Hill 2)

Silent Hill

Appearing on the wall in Neely’s Bar, this quote is a harsh condemnation of James and hints that he is not all he appears. The quote represents the game’s theme of guilt well, as it explores the possibility of eternal punishment.

This quote is also indicative of James’ fragile subconscious, as in Silent Hill his repressed guilt manifests itself in different ways as he gets closer to the truth of what he did. Although he’s suffering from selective memory loss, it’s clear that deep down, James feels he deserves to be punished for what he did to Mary.

5 "For Me, It's Always Like This." (Silent Hill 2)

Angela Orosco

In terms of tragic backstories, Angela Orosco has one of the saddest in the series. After facing horrifying abuse at the hands of her father and brother, Angela fled to Silent Hill in the hopes of finding her mother. In one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the game, she comments on how, for her, the world is always in flames.

This quote is so impactful because, much like James, you’re unable to save Angela from herself and must watch as she walks into the flames, powerless to stop her.

4 “The Only Me Is Me. Are You Sure The Only You Is You?” (Silent Hills P.T.)

Blood-Stained Bag

Despite the cancellation of Silent Hills, also known as P.T., the game gave fans lots of terrifying and memorable moments, chief among them being this quote, which sums up the atmosphere of the game. The Silent Hill series features lots of characters who aren’t what they seem, and this game also goes down this route, exploring the nature of the self.

The game’s repetitive hallway is filled with many mysteries for you to discover, perhaps the biggest of all being who the player character is and why you’re in the hallway in the first place. Sadly, because of the game’s cancellation, many of these questions will never be answered.

3 "He Who Is Not Bold Enough To Be Stared At From Across The Abyss Is Not Bold Enough To Stare Into It Himself." (Silent Hill 2)


This quote is an example of the Silent Hill series using philosophy to describe its characters’ inner turmoil. Left as a memo for James in Silent Hill 2, it could imply that James doesn’t want to acknowledge that he murdered Mary and be judged for his crimes, both by himself and others.

Recognizing his actions would mean that he’d also have to rethink who he is as a person, so he represses his memories and refuses to stare across the Abyss, as referenced in the quote. Part of his journey throughout the game is coming to terms with what he did, and this quote succinctly represents this.

2 “I Get It Now. Why I'm Still Alive Even Though Everyone Else Is Dead. I'm Not The Only One Who's Still Walking Around. I'm The Same As Them!” (Silent Hill)

Lisa Garland

Lisa Garland is a nurse you meet in Alchemilla Hospital in Silent Hill, having no memory of her death or the events prior to the game. Because of her memory loss, she’s scared by the sudden emptiness of the hospital, now infested with monsters, and looks to Harry for reassurance.

This quote is from the scene where Lisa gains awareness of what has happened to her, transforming before Harry’s eyes and bleeding profusely. It’s tragic that you’re unable to save Lisa because she’s already dead before you even meet her, leading to one of the most shocking reveals in the game.

1 "You Made Me Happy." (Silent Hill 2)

Mary Shepherd-Sunderland

A line from Mary’s final letter to James, this quote takes on an even more tragic meaning when you consider how their relationship ended. Written by a terminally ill Mary, the letter explores her feelings towards her husband and the knowledge that she’ll soon be taken by her illness.

Thanks to an outstanding vocal performance from Monica Taylor Horgan, this quote has had a lasting impact, especially as it’s the last piece of dialogue you hear in the game. This quote reminds you that, before Mary’s illness, James and Mary had a loving relationship, making their story all the more tragic.

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