Sega Will Match Employee Donations To Planned Parenthood

In the wake of the United States Supreme Court's decision to strike down Roe v. Wade , Sega has announced that it will match the donations made by its employees to Planned Parenthood.

"At SEGA, we stand for equality and believe the ability to make choices about one’s body is a human right," said the company via a statement on Twitter. "We are matching employee donations to Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation and other accredited non-profit organizations supporting reproductive rights selected by our team members."

Numerous video game developers have spoken out against the decision made by SCOTUS via public statements, and have also offered assistance to any employees who may need help in travelling to get an abortion.

Bungie was one of the first studios in the industry to put out a public statement on the issue. "Bungie is committed to ensuring that every one of our employees and their families have safe and affordable access to essential healthcare needs", it said. "We will now be implementing a travel reimbursement program for any employee to use when they or a dependent cannot get access to the healthcare they need where they live. We remain undeterred in our commitment to stand up for reproductive choice and liberty."

Video and media entities like Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and Warner Bros. among others have also pledged to cover travel expenses for those who need to get an abortion. Netflix has said that it will offer up to $10,000 in travel reimbursements for those who need to travel out of state to get an abortion. Meanwhile, Paramount has sent out a company-wide email mentioning that in the wake of the supreme court's decision, the company will reimburse "certain related travel expenses if the health service, such as abortion, is prohibited in your area."

Coming back to Sega, only a few days ago, the company raised over £17,401 for Mermaids as part of its #TogetherWithPride campaign. Mermaids is a charity dedicated to helping "transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse children", along with young people and their families.The original goal was set at £2,000, which was broken, along with the subsequent one, set at £15,000.

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