Sega offers free anniversary games with Yakuza x Streets Of Rage and Golden Axed

It might be Sega’s 60th birthday this year but they’re the ones giving the presents, with four free retro mini-games and NiGHTS Into Dreams.

After six decades in the business there are few video games companies that have been around longer than Sega (Nintendo has got them beat though, at 131 years). Celebrations having been ongoing in Japan for a while now but now they’re coming to the West as well, with free games and lots of sales.

The four games are all brand new – except for one which is a previously unseen prototype. The most interesting at first sight seems to be Streets Of Kamurocho, which is Yakuza x Streets Of Rage.

There’s also Endless Zone by Endless Space makers Amplitude Studios, which combines their modern strategy games with the retro 2D action of Fantasy Zone.

Armor Of Tanks isn’t a mash-up as such but is by Company Of Heroes developer Relic and combines the visuals of their WW2 games with old school top-down multiplayer action.

Finally, Golden Axed is a glimpse at a canned project that was to have been called Golden Axe: Reborn. That’s the first anyone outside of Sega has ever heard about it and it’ll only be available for a very short time.

Armor Of Heroes will be released first and will be available from October 15-19, then Endless Zone from 16-19, Streets Of Kamurocho from October 17-19, and Golden Axed from October 18-19.

There are no current plans for the games to be released on consoles, but they should run fine on even a very modest PC.

To try them out for yourself you’ll need to go to the Sega product page on Steam and click ‘Play Game’. That’ll add them to your library, where they’ll stay forever – even as they disappear from the normal Steam listing.

As an extra bonus, if you link your Steam account to the website at you’ll also get Saturn classic NiGHTS Into Dreams for free, if you connect between October 14 to December 13.

This is all in addition to a planned 60 days of let’s plays, competitions, and interviews via Sega’s various social media channels, and promised discounts on a variety of games on Steam and, hopefully, elsewhere.

We took the opportunity to ask Sega Europe if there were any plans to bring the Game Gear Micro to the West but, alas, we were told there are ‘no plans currently’ for it or the Astro City mini retro arcade.

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