Sega Brings Irish The Hedgehog To Life To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

One year on from a Sonic-based St. Patrick’s Day joke, Irish the Hedgehog has become a part of the wider Sonic universe.

If anyone reading this needs evidence of exactly how serious the COVID-19 outbreak really is, they should have walked up their local high street this past Tuesday evening. Chances are it will have been far more deserted than normal, which would have been even more jarring than usual since Tuesday, March 17, 2020 was St. Patrick’s Day.

Many normally celebrate the holiday by heading to pubs and bars to drink Guinness and whisky. However, between bars closing and people self-isolating, this year’s St. Paddy’s Day looked very different to any that have come before it. There was some good news relating to the Irish holiday, though. Sega delivered on a year-long promise to add a brand new character to Sonic canon.

He is called Irish the Hedgehog and has been described as a close friend of the blue blur from the Emerald Isle. The joke started when Irish YouTube personality Seán “JackSepticeye” McLoughlin asked if he could voice Irish the Hedgehog last St. Patrick’s Day. The request came off the back of Sonic’s Twitter account celebrating the holiday by dressing up Jet the Hawk and placing him next to a pot o’ gold.

One year later, to the day, what started as a joke has become a reality. Not only is Irish real, he has actually been voiced by JackSepticeye. As you can hear from the video above introducing Irish to the world, the character definitely demanded a genuine Irish person to voice him. We particularly enjoyed the frequent moments in which the person in charge of writing the captions for the clip has no idea what Irish is saying.

As for when Sonic fans will get to see Irish again, that is currently unknown. Chances are the green hedgehog will only make appearances once a year on St. Patrick’s Day. However, should the new character prove popular enough, perhaps he will make cameos elsewhere, maybe even a Sonic game or two. We would hope Sega considers making Irish a playable character on Sonic Dash at the very least.

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